December 7, 2022

34 thoughts on “Dubai bans entry of Nigerians and other Africans

  1. This is good, the whole world should ban Africans, it will be a wake up call to our governments. Nigerians are good but let’s also acknowledge that bad ones, though few do stuff so crazy the majority good ones can’t compete.

  2. Most Nigerians in SA are involved in DRUGS ,stealing cars,in fact every kind of crimes.You will never see a Nigerian carrying a lunch box to work ,yet they are wealthy from crimes.Every country must take steps to prevent these criminals from entering their country.

  3. They were about to go and do drug business in Dubai. Wherever they go they behave criminally.
    Peoples are tired of having drug lords in their countries they better change the way they behave.

  4. Nigerian govt. must ensure that scamsters & fraudsters should be filtered out prior to leaving the country . Nigerian nationals are notorious all over the globe for indulging in all sort of financial rackets/scams, drugs etc. Ask the authorities in India, Philippines, Middle East etc etc and you will confirm this fact about Nigerians. Nigerians should be banned all over the world until their govt cleans up this problem.

  5. Arabs don't want Africans in their countries and Israel still chasing after a white Jesus and a Arab allah when will africa realize you have no friends the bible and Koran was made for political gains straight myths spirituality over stupidity

  6. "This was overdue! Nigeria a land/nation of highly educated people of which all african countries looked as a source of insperation,has reduced its self to a country of "Corruption,drugs peddlers,human trafficking/prostitution,cyber crimes etc! Dubai has the rights to protect its subjects by burning such countries as they spread the verser! I hope the EU shall follow suit!

  7. All those bans are caused by violence. There are circulating videos institagating violence in the streets with knives and swords. This is the reason. Don't be fooled with false excuses.

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