September 20, 2023
Dubia || Was this Repatriation or Deportation

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20 thoughts on “Dubia || Was this Repatriation or Deportation

  1. This is so sad if I'm leaving my country to somewhere for job I have to get that job before I leave and I have to know where I'm going to stay before I board that airplane so sad I pray they get help soon

  2. Sad thing but thank you for sharing this at least we can see and hear from the sources that the situation is difficult without jobs. Pple need to get the reality and you have delivered this Experience. Good job, you are doing great.

  3. Its very bad hearing our sister and brothers returned home and you know any situation has both good and bad because many pple have been suffering sleeping on streets lacking something to eat denied for treatment due to e fact tht they have no emirates id and e cost of living is high so in other hand its better to suffer from your motherland than a foreign country and another things the pple you see their lost their passport invalid visa so that was a grate opportunity for em e dubai gov't to put them in their custody though Many African presidents careless hence charging alot of taxes on what we collect to send home ( shaun)

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