September 21, 2021

23 thoughts on “Dubois and Africa: The Convergence of Consciousness

  1. With all due respect I believe in the duality and twinness and the souls of black folks in America; indeed we can have a understanding of both cultures of American and African!

  2. and in my language your name is Sotho origin and means The One who Pays or The WEALTHY one.(Molefi/Lefa) comes from Paying or Wealth.Kete comes from mokete which means celebration in most of my people lingos here in South Africa,Lesotho and Botswana.
    I believe they have the same meaning in Kenya as well(Lozi or Rozwi).
    I thank the knowledge you sharing and may the Gods grant you more wisdom to free Bantulands.Mother Alkebulan nkhere!

  3. This lecture is well delivered and intended is full of errors and it grossly misreads DuBois besides. For example: DuBois did not to go school in Berlin, he went to the university . The conference in Manchester was organised by Nkrumah and Padmore – not by DuBois. The only Nigerian leader there was Nnamdi Azikiwe. The Ewe do not have a court, where are the Brong? And as to the final playdoyer that is simply reiterating the old colonial point that the Zimbabwe ruins were built by Egyptians.

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