August 10, 2022

2 thoughts on “EABIC International Study Group: Repatriation – What, When, Why & Who

  1. Government is puppets come and talk to the meny Kings , i&i Almighty Father is the kings of kings.
    if the i them is serious i have a few thousand acres waiting plenty foods fruits and herbs. and any business venture

  2. My Lords and Empresses, Blessed Love.
    My two cents on this topic is as follows.

    I and I must Repatriate Spiritually before we do so physically.
    I and I must be the pure righteous Afrikans who can help the continent now and in the future.

    RasTafari must consolidate social, economic and political power here in the West.

    Each individual by first uniting with the Most High Selassie I through regular spiritual practices, then all RasTafari individuals and Mansions must work cooperatively.

    So, it is Spiriutualize, Organize, Centralize and then start a Repatriation Railroad so to speak to gradually settle ones and families on the Hola Continent, while I and I retain certain
    holdings and institutions in the West.

    Marcus never told I and I to wait on Reparations to Repatriate.
    Do For Self.

    It starts with real regular spiritual practices individually.

    Haile I Selassie I, Jah RasTafari

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