December 7, 2021

20 thoughts on “Early Look At South Africa – All Vehicles – Wargame: Red Dragon

  1. Yea… new scenarios… that's my wild dream since I finished all the campaings which I think are really good and it would be interesting to add more like Chinese invasion of Taiwan or Third or even make fourth war in Indochina, adding India and Pakistan and making scenario where you fight over Kashmir, making scenario where you need to fight insurgents by cooperating with locals to find insurgent hideouts securing strategic points, or I don't know… there are infinite possibilities when you can create fictional scenarios. What a shame…

  2. Bruh, their infantry is absolute shit. 35 points for shock infantry that doesn't even have a good ATGM? Yeah, no thanks. Not one good AT weapon in the entire tab except that one elite unit with a 20rpm weapon. However, it doesn't have an MG so it's worthless in a straight up with with any infantry unit of the same price

  3. Bruh, I was actually thinking about modding red dragon to add South Africa. They should really add in Italy some time too because there could be some pretty interesting tanks and planes with them (There's already the Otomatic for Denmark for some reason.)

  4. "it's been a game that's been around for a long time and they constantly update it with new factions and new scenarios"

    how much did eugen pay you? it's literally been 5 years just to get a balance patch let alone a new nation that's a blatant cashgrab after they released it on epic games but unfortunately for eugen most of the people from epic left so their cashgrab will fail which is why they've already said after SA that's it no more at all

  5. My personal thought, why Israel and South Africa released in WRD???

    Taiwan could be more appropriate for the game campaign scenario
    If there were new campaign updating that takes defending its land from china's invasions for unification, that would be the best……

    Maybe Eugen put those two nations to their game without any discussion or thinking (or not)

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