May 27, 2022

11 thoughts on “ECOWAS “blamed” for current unrest in Burkina Faso

  1. Thank You for your channel. You have shown us a lot about Africa, things our Governments tried to hide from us for over 400 years.
    We are waking up around the Globe. Keep it up, we support you.
    We are watching, from the Old Roman Kingdoms of Great Britain until 1707. Then the Kingdom of England.
    It was re-named the United Kingdom on January 1st 1801. Now its the United Kingdom PLC.
    Queen Victoria was a Child Burn from the DEVIL Himself, King Henry the 8th a family member to King Leopold II of Belgium & Roman Germany, Roman Italy, Roman France or in short Roman European's, the White Race, The true killers of Jesus. The inventers of White Jesus and the White Holy Bible's. Your History is our History, Thank You.

  2. Be careful. France has a tendency to hijack anything Africa is up to. They are a true leech. The coup in Burkina Faso might not be in the veins of Sankara but by French design. Let's see how the Burkino army react to help the people. If the have rapprochement to Russia. If they are severing ties with France and its language like Mali. Or else we will need another movement from Burkino Faso. We do not want western countries to be instigating coup by a puppet army of their choosing. We must scrutinize the military leaders in Burkino Faso. To know whether they are western puppet whether their policies are western influenced and friendly. Or kick them out for real revolutionaries within the rank of the army. Let's not sleep people. The time is yours.

  3. Back in 1945 it was thought by the think tanks
    especially in US that implementing the ballot
    box and adding free market would
    work miricles for nation states, especially the poor.

    However after implementing ballot box many remain
    poor all over the world even in "developed"

    So all over the world especially the poor have started looking
    for alternatives.

    I think the ballot box is not enough.

    I suggest is what is requires is a focus by all leaders
    and people on factors like:

    development for all
    trade (with all other nation states the more the better)
    technology exchanges (example I see latin and africa learning sattelite design use
    technology cooperation agreements is how you skill up.
    Note however some corporations dont share because
    they dont want competitors)
    cultural exchanges (learn languages of business and trade partners if you can
    for example)

    Once all are focused on these things all over time will
    become more and more bright.

    The whole population needs to focus in a nation states on these types of things?

    The ba;;ot box is not enough?

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