July 5, 2022

33 thoughts on “Egypt Unearth 59 New Ancient African Coffins Watch What Happens When they Open One

  1. Lots of people here forgot the fact that most Egyptians are light skinned and are Arab mixed with African and other things from the Roman and even Greek settlers of the area over a long period of time. So alot of Egyptians aren't very dark skinned HOWEVER THEY ARE STILL OUR AFRICAN BROTHERS and as such I am happy that they can excavate and get their history themselves without European interference.

  2. We Africans , when we say Rest – In – Peace , we mean no digging , checking out, reseach , etc……
    Do you not understand……This people digging around in Egypt are not African…….I bet you ….
    Or is any africa digging around in UK, France, Germany, etc..?..Shame on you…!!!

  3. This is outrageous and disrespectful. They have stolen the land now they continue to rob the graves because of their terrible greed, and attempts to rewrite the history of ancient Kemet.

    Let’s pray to God and raise our Voices Against this it can’t be anything for the money let the dead rest
    Let’s pray that grate evil befall those that continue to disrespect us

  5. Why are these people chirping around diigging up our ancestors from their resting place parading them around
    This is so hurt full
    People were buried with honor and respect now look what is happening
    This practice must stop and it only happens to our ancestors
    How long will we continue to be cash pot for the rest of the world 🌎
    No one want to dug up from there resting place
    This is sad RIP don’t mean anything
    Let’s call up to our Ancestors to stop this please let this stop there is nothing entertaining about it
    Africa has many riches look elsewhere let our ancestors rest please let them be
    God this this is awful they are dead what are you going to do with them so many of them it is wrong so wrong.

  6. On an entirely different note, I’m curious what kind of wood that would be. Although an amazing discovery, I have a problem with respect about the whole thing. Respect is Due.

  7. Sometimes when foe becomes confuse thats what happens…the ancients are back….this is them bringing back the ancient to life without realizing it…resurrection…but in a bit of time watch the demonstration of these ancients bringing down their foes…is not what you expect to see or belief. This is something far beyond understanding n imagination. When you know you know…

  8. Show one country in Europe that is Rule by African or BLACKS.. but check in Africa..
    Who is ruling and calling themselves Australian.
    Who is ruling and calling themselves American.
    Who is ruling and calling themselves Egyptian.
    Different time.. same attitude
    Different names… same people.
    Different places… same thing.
    Villains and now disguising themselves as World Saints.
    That's The truth.
    Seems like they would not change for the better.
    Living a perception which is a form of Deception… that is called white supremacy that involves the lies conspiracy deception invasion distruction and finally damnation.
    Remember Egypt.
    Respect to all

  9. Now that i think about it, how many other countries or continents have their dead or ancestors dug up?
    Leave them to rest in peace. What is wrong with these people? I wonder what King Henry and them look like dug up!

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