December 7, 2022

35 thoughts on “Egypt Unveils Hundreds of Sarcophagi of well-preserved African Mummies

  1. So to gain more tourism, would it be ok to dig up WI, WII graves here in the Americas? Or tombs of "Kings and Queens in Europe? Did I hear a hell no!? Exactly… So why is it ok to disrespect the ones here? Nevermind answering, we already know why. LEAVE sacred belongings alone, they might regret this in the near future, can't say they weren't warned.

  2. Can’t they let our ancestors rest in peace?? No where in the world do people dig up their ancestors🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️stop it Egypt

  3. Why are African people the only people whose ancestors these people Disturbed? I guarantee you they won't go to a old Jewish grave site and start digging up Jewish people, of course not because they were fine something they don't want the world to know

  4. Truth. We know it was Black People that Built The Pyramids and The West is behind The White Washing of Real History.

    Even The Bible is Written by Black People and They Stole it…, and The Bible has it Written that “Mitzraim”, The Son of “Ham”-{ Kwham- Kham- Khem- Kem- Kemet }…., and “Kemet” is Also The Name of That Land and means “Black”.

    “Ham”-{ Khem- Kemet } is The Forefather of The African Nations-{ Cush-Cushites= Ethiopians, Canaanites, Phut-Put= Libyans, and Mitzraim= Egyptians }.

    All Black People and even Ancient Babylon it says is Built By “Nimrod The Cushite”-{ Ethiopian }.

  5. Digging up lost ruins is 1 thing, unearthing graves is another! Let's wait till God calls us up & stop playing God! Would you want your grave unearthed just for spectators? If this is how we do things, why bury in the 1st place? We dont need tombs for a history lesson (although very ornate)! God bless

  6. By the grace of God their Spirits have gone and are travelling around the universe. A lot of people have passed away since 3000 years ago. Billions. Hopefully we dont spend our days in eternity worrying about our coffins. I would feel uncomfortable digging up a relatives body, but in my country most people are cremated now. If you are buried you have to keep paying for the plot. So if there is noone to pay I guess we get dug up and disposed of. You cant be buried on your own land anymore because when you die your property is usually sold to someone else. So cremation is best. Every culture has different practices. Just wondering though what Muslims think about digging up their ancestors, does anyone know.

  7. Who goes around digging out graves of their ancestors ? This shows these current occupants of Egypt ain't the descendants of these ancestors .Where is the respect ?

  8. When will the invaders get some conscience and stop stealing from the dead to make money, they have already stolen the land yet continue their indecency.. Their goal is to alter the history of the ancient ones..

  9. Sacrilege….these people know nothing but turning disrespect, lies and stealing into an art or for financial gain. Who does that????? Dig up the dead for display and gain…..only iniquitous spiritually dead greedy and immoral beings!!!!

  10. Stop robbing these peoples tombs…. Thats how we know it's not their ancestors – That they are fake Egyptians because they have no respect for these black dead bodies… Black people don't dig up their ancestors bodies and disturb their dead people graves….
    Where are the true Egyptians – Why do you keep letting them dig up your ancestors bodies and put them in museums…..

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