November 28, 2021

45 thoughts on “Egypt Wants Treasures Back | National Geographic

  1. I like how she wears no make up for the interview coz in real life she wears makeup and no one therefore may recognize her thief mouth handling stolen goods. Your logic in linguistics gymnastics has been so easily foiled

  2. There's no argument to justify plundering, it was fortunate for insular scholars and we are all grateful for it. None the less not returning them now in 2021 is just a vulgar display of disdain from the "empire" toward them savage from Africa.

  3. Nice how they used the word DISCOVERED. The way Columbus discovered America When they plunder and Loot it's a discovery. They stole it. Egyptians should be able to rediscover their stones .

  4. For years they didn’t say anything when Egyptians was looting the pyramids and stripping them of there artefacts but when the rest of the world becomes interested in the significance of there own history and buying those looted artefacts and going in and preserving what they had left before they got looted and lost for ever, they want it all back, should have taken more care of that history and not leaving it up to others

  5. So everyone wants to fight about whether or not Egyptians deserve pieces from their history, or if the items should be in the British museum or not. I’m not taking a side in that argument, it’s way too complex and historic to try and decide who should get what. However, why is nobody talking about the fact that Hawas has hidden Egyptian history and has kept a great amount of archaeology within Egypt to be shrouded in secrecy? I understand his nationalism in the matter, wanting things to be discovered by Egyptians and so on, but he’s been involved with corruption and questionable science as to how he got his findings, so why are we trusting him when it comes to artifacts?😂 there’s a reason there’s a new minister of antiquities.

  6. Can't have it back you may go through a period where your religion says blow up just like the Taliban best to keep if safe maybe you can do a zoom meeting and look at it.

  7. Here's thought. The Greeks and then the Romans ruled in Egypt for around 1000ys in total. Now, how about giving back to those countries all the ancient artefacts from that period. Thinking along the same lines, In the UK, for example, we'd have to start dismantling Hadrian's Wall; and returning it to Rome.

  8. The mental gymnastics the British Museum rep has to go through to justify the possession is ludicrous. The careful language of calling another culture's physical heritage as "material" simply collected from Napoleon is so political. The cultural arrogance is top tier. Time spent "in the sand" doesn't count apparently on the psychic odometer determining an object's ownership. Because the Rosetta Stone certainly wasn't displayed or significant after it's creation. No…it was carved and IMMEDIATELY BURIED apparently.

  9. They should make a replica and give edge original back or at least pay the buckets of money yearly from the money they make off of having their property.

  10. They damage a covilization? The egyptians were the ones who stole materials from the pyramids to build their mosques. Also without the greek writing on the roseta stone or without the decyphering of other europeans in the 19th century, we wouldn’t understand the language of ancient egypt.

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