We’ll discuss why we need to end police brutality now, and the policy changes our society is demanding to build a better America for the future.

Our 3 areas of focus today that will explain how we can end police brutality now revolve around:

1) First, How we must stay in the streets, exercise our right to protest, and Shape our democracy
2) Second, how we must end racial hatred, and take an introspective approach to do so,
3) And third, most importantly: The policy changes our country is demanding to ensure that what happened to George Floyd never happens again.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans, from every corner of this vast country, have taken to the streets to protest the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

For 8 agonizing and painful minutes, officer Derek Chauvin ignored George Floyd’s gasps for air and haunting cries for help. America, we witnessed this monstrous murder with our very own eyes committed by our very own country’s police force.

America, it appears that we have reached a tipping point in this generation’s history, and the time has come for us as a collective body of citizens to come together to END POLICE BRUTALITY, and state sponsored violence NOW. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

There are many mediums of action that we Americans can take, from petitioning our local government officials, to protesting for change in the streets, but whatever the medium is, WE MUST TAKE ACTION, AND WE MUST TAKE ACTION NOW.

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