September 29, 2023
Erealist - Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Erealist – Black Lives Matters

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32 thoughts on “Erealist – Black Lives Matter (BLM)

  1. My brother I usually don’t listen to rap at all unless old school you did an amazing job keep up the great work and your skits are off the change you have a true queen with you continue to treat her as such

  2. Policeman just killed another one of our black sons in Grand Rapids, MI. let's all continue to pray for all the mothers and fathers that's losing their sons and daughters, grand children, great-grands it doesn't matter if they are yours or not let's pray Psalm 91 and 2 Chronicles 7:14 please remember God has the answer and Jesus is still the healer, comforter he has risen. God bless everyone. Happy Resurrection Day. Thank you Eddie and Nikki.

  3. I love this song cuz you told the truth you talk too fast it hard being a black man you told the truth cuz it's hard to be black man we stream black live matter but they don't really matter the police can look for no reason but I'm glad you made this song I Love it

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