August 16, 2022

29 thoughts on “Ethiopia Issues Warning to CNN, BBC, AP, Reuters for Reporting False News and Defamation

  1. I am an African living in the United States of America. The West wants Ethiopian democratic Government should fall so they can get a government they can control. And the African Union with it's Head Quarters in Ethiopia is silent. What a crying shame on the so called African leaders.

  2. We Ethiopian we African should stand together no more indirect colonies let stand, help together respect love each other with your African brothers and sisters after than we respect other but always frist love respect each other we are African beautiful

  3. I'm a Cape Verdean in The Netherlands and I mean it when I say this: 2nacheki is the only new source I have been paying attention to. Reminds me of why the Diaspora has also great responsibility in raising awareness and fighting the western hand over Africa

  4. Tears come to my eyes my brother: I can not articulate my feeling seeing a brother from another country emotionally involved in the issue of Ethiopia. Thank you brother, thank you, thank you, thank you a 1000 times.

  5. tell the true terrorist simple logic and question

    Q .who is the terrorist? to fight the terror tell the Ethiopian government. If It is TPLF we know they are terrorist, now America need TO clime them as terrorist TPLF. SAY TPLF terrorist is planning terror BLEAVE ME THEY CAN'T.

  6. Ethiopian problem is not about colonies by white country's No❌❌❌ that is not true my Africans brother and sistes! No❌! 👉 Amara ethnic groups people are taking advantage using you to control all Ethiopian ethnic groups by the name of " Whit country colonies on African"!! 👈That is not true at all. Come on! Even, Amara ethnic groups are never Said " I am black"! Never Said that! 👉 Now, they are calling you the wrong way for their own interests to help them! 😀😀😀😀 Wake-up Africa! This problem is between Ethiopians and Amara ethnic groups/ government of Ethiopiaans okay?!? That is all period. Stop abusing the rest of Ethiopiaans because of the wrong Amaras advantage/ Ethiopian government interest please? Thank you

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