September 16, 2021

4 thoughts on “ETHIOPIA & Neocolonialism stealing Black Diaspora's Promised Land? Repatriation is a MUST!

  1. AWO Ras, Colonialism 3.0. The Chinese investment in Tanzania is incredible. Lot's of fertile land rented out to feed a massive Asian population. Lot's of highways constructed to major mining sites (gold, silver, micah etc.)
    Afrika needs legal industrialized Cannabis now.

  2. don't forget –>every country in the world were colonized including England.
    Only Ethiopia never-ever-been colonized or will b colonized.
    maybe this is happening to bring all the Black race together to rescue their motherland and discover what have been hidden from them. God is helping the BlackRace.

  3. Excellent work. that's what they R doing exactly. they put a man who hate being black, who hate black & most of all who hate Ethiopia.
    he started by destroying and killing the Amhara ethnic group & Orthodox religion. now he turned to all, he's openly trying to destroy the "pride of Blacks, so they will never say, a Black country which has never been colonized"

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