May 23, 2022

30 thoughts on “Ethiopia Rejects UNHCR Vote, Madagascar Jails 2 Frenchmen for Failed Coup, Kabuga Trial Delayed

  1. This is good so far! however,ya'll still have a big chunk of you're people with Stockholm syndrome, buckbreaken,love everyone that truly hates you.if the whole continent was smart and had any sense/true love for it's people,they will run all of those people that that don't/belong there out,never to return.ya'll know who those people are.

  2. I don’t know what sort of proof or lessons we need as Africans that western infringing and association in our internal affairs has never worked.
    We need to honestly solve our own problems ourselves. Most importantly with our own solutions. Western solutions have not worked here, they have only prolonged our delay in stabilisation.

  3. Sp the same Johnson and Johnson jab that has been shown to have issues here are freely being injected on the continent that has few cases so your objective is to ensure j & j has no financial losses. Great 👍 work Africa 🌍 👏

  4. The United Nations Personnel and other Foreigners who were caught on Camera conspiring against Ethiopia should be charged before the International Criminal Tribunal for inciting hatred and fanning violence in a sovereign African country. The Ethiopian government supported by other African countries should take this case to the Hague for crimes against humanity. These UN officials must step down and resign. Never again should this be allowed in Africa.

  5. We don’t need the Johnson and Johnson vaccine or any other for that matter. We have the sun we have good food and most of us are fit. Send those vaccines back to Europe

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