May 23, 2022

20 thoughts on “#Ethiopia says #WHO chief has Links to #TPLF Terrorist 

  1. He is a criminal who were installed by Help of Tplf Terrorist group on the highst post of WHO.
    Amazing the World knows it , he is still on his position.
    He is the reason of Corona pandamic because of his late reaction instead of acting against china government

  2. He’s one of the main person to TPLF now he’s providing false propaganda to U.N and U.S and EU government. Ungrateful terrorist member he would have been in jail if he was in Ethiopia. For sure he would have been fighting against Ethiopian government with the TPLF group. He would never been recommended by Ethiopian government there was so many highly qualified Ethiopian since he was main part of TPLF polite Byro they recommended only Tigre people. Everything from military to ambassadors every job possible given to Tigray even when they’re not qualified but under them the other ethnic groups will do the job. It was laughable most Ethiopian that could left their job or the country.;( TPLF came from been a guerrilla fighters you can imagine some of them didn’t even completed high school. It was ridiculous. That’s one thing all African countries need to get rid off dictatorship. It’s killing the continent.
    Hopefully WHO examine the criminals Tedros that doesn’t have the support of his country should be fired.
    United Africa!

  3. He is a key terrorist a member of the TPLF central committee which been torturing ,kidnapping ,harrassing, Ethiopians for 30 years still trying to overthrow the government a tribal dictatorship very cruel criminals .

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