May 28, 2022

26 thoughts on “Ethiopia Says WHO Chief Linked to Terrorists, Sudan Bans Al Jazeera, Pan-African Payment System Live

  1. I learned this a long time ago about Tedros on a talk show done by European Americans. As CV-19 exposes, all UN agencies, W.H.O etc. under disguises such as health, AID programs etc. are really to d-est-roy Africa…Get them out! They are setting up the Anti-Christ system!

  2. This is a typical an ad hominem fallacy. The fact that Dr.Tedros is ethnically from tigray cannot be an excuse to dismiss his claim, that ethiopa is blocking food aid to Tigray.

  3. WHO chief is a direct supporter of TPLF terrorist group. I saw a news that he uses money from WHO inappropriately to buy weapons and other war equipments to support TPLF terrorist group.

  4. WHO's chief is not only linked to terrorists but also he is a terrorist too.
    He did numerous crimes when he was Ministry of Health and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia.

  5. The ball games is a sign the people still in child minds
    USA got it bad too.
    The games is entertaining the power house and keep the poor destined to stay poor.
    <Hamites got to serve Japheth until the time is up.>
    America's begging plot commercials of feed the African children is so so pathetic, far worse than the flies and have hungry looking children & deplete mother, WHO need their azz donkey whip.
    The nations are falling. Know The true Messiah that is in the image of the FATHER.
    KEEP THE commandments, find your shabbat rest.

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