July 4, 2022

47 thoughts on “Ethiopia Starts Electricity Production at Africa’s Largest Dam the Grand Renaissance

  1. I guess the exceptional russia-ethiopia military friendship made the egyptians put their tail in between their legs πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ all of a sudden they are very silent about bringing it downπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ just highlighting

  2. If this channel represents all of Africa without taking side lets be more more objective and refrain from using terms like 'colonial mindset' Egypt had long ago passed the internationally defined threshold for water scarcity and recently hit β€œabsolute water scarcity,” defined by the United Nations as less than 500 cubic meters of water per person per year.

  3. Africa will be FREE when African countries support each other. Africa will unite when African countries understands the importance of supporting each other. One Love πŸ’˜. One Africa. Africa for Africans

  4. Please use the correct word. It's not controversial, it is disputed.
    In Ethiopia it's not controversial, in Eritrea it's not controversial, in Uganda it's not controversial, in South Sudan it's not controversial and so on. So don't copy Western fake media, that includes aljazeera. Be independent… with all due respect.

  5. Let's hope that loyal and incorruptible troops are permanently posted to protect it, because 'accidents' are known to happen. Especially when those with special interests wish them to.

  6. i wish i could as an African go to Ethiopa without having to pay for a Visa and learn more about thier culture and thier traditions witch are part of my own tradition. Wish our goverment will Take this seriously and let us learn about each other instead of learning about Europeans with whom our story is only with hurting. We are surely Multicultural in Africa, but we Have one history. so please Let really be together. That is the only thing that sacres Europe, that we become one as we Are, they gave us bothers without caring ybout ur wellbeeing, so it is our job to let those bothers remain on papers, Our Fusion as One is the one thing that they fear the most. Dont forget 54 countries and ilands

  7. Yes Yes Ethiopia Go Excellent Job.The Western World especially America played with African countries for their interest when the youths of Diaspora and in the Continent were blind but now the Western time is up.No more their evils Criminals demonic Hypocracy Agendas succeed in any Country on African Continent again.We are 100 and more % ready for them all over the World if they play the western world will be in total mess.Finger off from Africa,China and Russia.Wake up Africans.

  8. Africa and the Continent is Proud of greatest asset for the Continent of Africa Ethiopian Ethiopian Ethiopian well done for the Continent of Africa Google Dr Arikana for what is happening in the Continent of Africa

  9. Does that mean Egyptian life matters more than Ethiopians ? Does that mean Ethiopians must suffer in darkness for life ? Infact,
    GERD doesn't affect the total annual flow of Nile water. I don't think many people are well aware of the nature of the different types of dams . GERD , as it is just electirc power generating dam , It doesn't consume water unlike dams meant for irrigation , industry and house hold use . "Egypt claims that
    GERD threatens the very existence of Egypt and its people " is a false information that Egypt uses to win international support .
    The hidden agenda, which Egypt doesn't want to be mentioned at all, is water sharing among all eleven Nile reparian countries .This in effect drastically reduces it's present share of 55.5 % Nile water. However , taking this opportunity , Egypt wants Ethiopia , that generates 86.5 % of nile water, to sign a " Binding agreement" that secures Egypt 55. 5 and Sudan 18.5 BCL of Nile water which totally denies Ethiopia even a single drop. This in effect means Ethiopia cannot use the Abbay (Nile ) in Ethiopia for irrigation and the likes which denies our natural right. This is unacceptable at all. The base line is to find a win -win solution Where by all the people of the three countries benefit . Otherwise , every body has to be clear that our right is in our hands . ✌️πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή

  10. This is a huge victory for Ethiopia and for the East and Horn of Africa community. And for sure Egypt and Sudan will soon find out that their fears where actually needless and unfounded. Bravo to Ethiopia.

  11. Africans solving african problems. This is the spirit of africaness. It vex the colonialist ! This is just the biginming ! Egypt and sudan will soon see reason and join in the renaissance. King selassie i guide and protect african peoples !

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