May 23, 2022

25 thoughts on “Ethiopia to Develop Own Social Media,Pollution Made by the West, Africa Experts to Find Covid Origin

  1. As long as it's a private venture, otherwise there's no point for the government itself to do everything. And in terms of pollution, obviously there needs to be local companies cleaning up the trash from land and from the rivers/sea. Can't continue to tolerate filth around their people, as many use nearby water. Something has to be done in those parts throughout Africa.

  2. Don't ever forget that at one time we all African was known as Ethiopian. And hopping one day every African countries will break the imaginary boundaries and Africa become ONE.

  3. America is destabilizing countries in Africa with whom it PRETENDS to be friends. That was just found out to be a big, shameless lie. America green-lighted a mercenary army in northern Ethiopia hoping to destabilize the Horn in a proxy war with China. The Chinese are going nowhere. America should invest, or get out of the way. It is unseemly to throw temper tantrum and behave like an eight year old. "If you do not drop your other friends, I will plague you." That is America's ill-fated policy now.

  4. UN is NOT good for Africa AND its descendants Worldwide. Even in the UN security council Africa Is NOT represented AND if represented in the veto decisions It must be a white person: the G7. Young african people must know polítics, economics and sociology. African people are NOT politicians that is they have very, very bad leaders. No body respects them, because they are poor ( no Money AND NOT UNITED).

  5. Hmmm.
    In Ethiopia, we don’t have a proper telecommunications coverage for voice calls and internet coverage is still less than 15%. It’s just the silly prime minister strategy to divert the attention of the World from being Killer of his own people with invitation of Eritrean troops. I can gamble and buy anyone that this though is just a gossip and will only be a one week news. Period.

  6. Every African country should do what Ethiopia is doing, but, it won’t happen, specially in West Africa, Nigeria is screwed up, nigerians don’t seem to see how it’s corrupt government has sold out to the West, Ivory Coast, Senegal, they’re all in the pockets of France, Ghana same problem, their diaspora is too westernized to think for themselves in terms of sovereignty, thei feel included in the western social sphere, actually the entire Anglophone Africa has the same problem. On the other hand, Angola (my country), is way too trusty of the Chinese, while simultaneously opening up to more and more western enterprises, we are playing an even dumber game, so, while I clap for Ethiopia, I don’t see decisions of the kind happening elsewhere any soon, actually many of our countries are thirsty to be included into Western spionage aparells. We’re screwed, no sovereignty, we seek for inclusion, Ethiopia seeks for sovereignty. Big ups to you Ethiopia.

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