May 25, 2022

37 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s PM Impressive Speech that made Him a Target of the West

  1. Gaddafi wanted Africa to unite with a common currency,that alone would have rendered all other currency useless and Africa to be the biggest continent in the world..
    What did they do to him..
    Wake up Africa and unite..we have everything and they want it all.

  2. finishing the vidoe..OF COURSE NOT…if u believe in empty words from a simple actor representing the occident control over africans countries(declaration of skyes picot…)and why ethiopia gets monmey from for exAMPLE EMIRates arab(zionists brothers) u simply HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT THE GEOPOLITICS IN AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST…..ASK MUGUFLI PRESIDENT OF TANZANIA…..AHH THEY HAVE ALREADY ASESINATED HIM.

  3. This is rediculous.he is inviting the west if not pleeding with grace so that they invest heavely pinpointing investment sources .the west dont like protecionism not opening a market.that makes him someone trying to be the darling of the west not an he is admiring the former tplf gov.for achieving economic succes while telling ethiopians they looted the country so he take over.contradictory u are u people praising the guy as if he is pan african while he is an oromo nationalist and the beliver of ethnic just dont make sense how u damn down society.the dude is a security officer for the tplf and a power loving imbecil.

  4. You are war criminal against civilians of tigray people ,all you talking about hundred percent you are lying , you are a Evil ,simply you are not human ben 🤮🤮🤮👎👎🤮🤮👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. Another Genius like Albert Einstein E=MC Squared 2 is Squared =182.000 per second Constant at 182,000 just love Sir with Love Prime Minister Black Elite Figure like Sidney Poitier Love you Ethiopia Prime Minister Keep up Good Work please take a look into my case in The United States of America murder against black Abrabic people like my family who murdered and raped by Ku Klux Klan member and pecker wood in Birmingham Alabama White and Black they follow your family to murdered them and raped them too

  6. As an African I don't buy this analogy of blaming western countries targeting African countries and African leaders. Who do they use to do the targeting; fellow Africans, why did he have to go to DAVOS to make a speech. If you mingle with them, they would not what he is planning and if Africans develop a brain and a consciousness then we would become civilised in order not to be used by our enemies to destroy. Complaining about the west targeting and destroying us is behaving like children and taking no responsibility or agency, in our willing participation of our own destruction. Why are we members of the UN, giving it legitimacy for the west to use the security council to destroy us. We are signed up to every instrument and international tool of the UN that is used to destroy us. Recently the Nigerian president was lobbying for AFRICOM to base its headquarters in Nigeria. Inferiority complex, colonial mentality and mental disability is our problem. Other that, why has African countries signed up to AFRICOM bases in their countries, signed up to every UN instrument of international governance. Every military base and embassy in Africa is a destabilization camp. We willingly sign up to everything and take bribes to destroy our own countries. Its about time we grow up, develop a brain and stop blaming the west for targeting and destroying us. The young people that killed Gaddafi and destroyed Libya, are mostly Libyans destroying their own country and infrastructure development, now that they live like cavemen, they blame the west for it, zero consciousness.

  7. whay the west fars Abihamed is he become the friend of Isaias Afwerki of Eriritre &he will teach him self relains instade of Aid so the west fare they mey lose Ethiopia becuse isaias is their nightmare

  8. That speech did not make the Ethiopean Prime Minister a target for the west. Your headline is wrong. And "the West" (whatever that may be) does not fear him for his peech. Just the opposite. It was a good speech.

  9. Thanks God for giving us such a brilliant and wise leader. When country has young and smart leader it will be good for all African nations. Dr Abby Ahmed great 👍leader. Proud to be Ethiopians.

  10. China and America are having a proxy war in Ethiopia… Has nothing to do with Abey…anyone in his place would've got same treatment.

    The real game is control of trade routes. Advantages China.

  11. These sh$t hole charity cases in Africa need to be cut off. The US states give Ethiopia nearly 1 Billion in Aid in 2020-2021. Not including Vax Aid assistance from the US and Europe. Even so, Ethiopia is the second largest debtor nation to the west and China in Africa, and has likely leveraged the countries resources to do so. Per Cap income of less than $2 a day, with growing famine catastrophe in the Tigray region., 5 million are close to starvation.

  12. Look what going on in USA, they cannot clean up their own backyard, they always trying to tell everybody else what to do. You are stupid if you listen to them. That little guy in France cannot clean his backyard. They really want to feel big and important. The world is beautiful it’s the bad peoples who are messing it up.

  13. I don't think they fear him because he's ignorant he damages our country he invites foreign countries to kill his own people he is the new dictator like his friend Iseyas in only three years he damage our economy build in last 27 years

  14. Do you think these countries want to hear or they're glad about Africa's growth? They want you down and out. Africa sometimes you have to just move in silence . You can't tell everything they don't like you like that.

  15. Some people you cannot integrate with brother, integrate with Africa not the West not the French not the Dutch black Africa the woke black Africa. Because all skin folk ant kinfolk we know that right? Sometime you can't tell everybody what you're doing especially not the West. You have to move in silence.

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