January 28, 2023

50 thoughts on “Europe not Treating African Refugees Like Ukrainians, S.Sudan Unify Army, SA Ends Covid Restrictions

  1. African leaders need to stop appending on themselves trying to have a bigger place. All African countries need to bond together and Unite. As one peoples and fight for quality and Justice so we want have to have other counties help us. Put you all money's together and builds you all are very smart peoples time to show other. Countries what. You all can do but do not forget about the one who can change things that is the Most High Jehovah is name and he is coming back to get his peoples Out of every Nation ,the one that Love him for we shall see as he is Pray for African God Love you too

  2. Africans should stay away from that evil 😈 land space called Europe because they have historical hatred and jealous for Africans, they are still fighting and living the 1492 Era they will never care for Africa or its peoples

  3. We Africans are still sleeping. The Ukraine war should have alerted us about the existential threat to non-white people which is growing around the world. In the war in Ukraine, neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups are being praised as heroes and freedom fighters. More than any other race, the black race, especially in Africa, should be aggressive about these developments. These groups are gaining a lot of military support from the EU and US. However, we are sitting and watching like nothing is happening. They are recruiting and training thousands and thousands of fighters from all over the world. We have to be aggressive and prepare ourselves for what is coming. 70% of Africa's population is under 30 years old, so they are eligible to fight. Each African country must have soldiers of at least the size of 10% of its population. The AU must start organizing a collective military force to fight the white supremacists and neo-colonialists. 2nacheki, please give priority to this issue. Specifically, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi group "azov".Let us not make the same mistakes as our fathers did. Any success is determined by our strategy, preparation, and commitment to our objectives. So let us prepare ourselves before it's too late.

  4. This (seemingly deliberate) drowning of Libyan refugees needs to be addressed! It has been hapoening for many years, now. The world does not view these black people with the justice of God and this blatant disregard and attitude is very glaring.

  5. When you check amount of people nigeria government are killing every day it more than the people that have lost in this russia ukraine war ….Still they classify nigeria as a safe state

  6. Last week I got into an argument with a top racist and fascist white man from the UK. it was about religion, and we discussed more about JESUS. He told me JESUS is the King only for their race. But I replied to him using his own bible, which Clearly says that JESUS was from the Tribe of JUDAH and they symbol of the tribe was a LION and truly speaking lions are only found in AFRICA that's s why you'll find the same Symbol by the Ethiopian emperor haile selassie

  7. Is it really important that we are welcome by Europeans is it their responsibility to treat us equally, when within our own continent we treat ourselves on equally people in Africa who are refugees constantly wish to be repatriated to Europe rather than to another African countries because they know how they are treated and abused by the same African countries that they have sick refuge in. the money that is used to manage such refugees significant amount of it comes from Europe so we as Africans I believe have to just stop constant blaming or trying to point out double standard when we are constantly treating our own people with so much double standard that makes me sickens I was a refuge and I know the embarrassment and cruelty that I suffered from within the continent obviously the West is bias or but do we blame them they treat their own people with a degree of respect and that's what ought to be charity begins at home and Ukrainian I've been treated with respect because it's their own people.

  8. hello africans i have some news for you..EUROPEANS DONT WANT YOU AND WILL NEVER RESPECT YOU. thanks for reading 👍🏿. lets put the pressure on our african leaders…the african union ASAP!!!

  9. Everybody wants a good life. It must be a sign on the wall for the governments that people, their citizens want to risk their lives to search for a better future. Some things need to change to provide a good future for them in their countries. It is so tragic that many don't survive the journey.

  10. This episode has shown the world just how much race is a factor in how refugees are treated…white power structure can't help itself. I'm happy they are at war with each other instead of us. The 1st and 2nd world war gave black people a little break and employment that was denied before the wars. 2nd world war directly helped to end absolute colonial power in Africa.

  11. When yall gone wake up Africa? Why do you expect Europeans to treat you as equals when they never have? You don't even treat your own people right..,if you did they wouldn't have to go Europe in the 1st place. Stop begging erbody for acceptance, finance, and structure. Invest in yourself, your people and your continent. Until then, you and all those that look like you will be underfoot!!

  12. I Guess if you're knowledgeable you'd figure it out stay out of their country's were they don't have respect for your people. Insanity is doing the same ignorance and expecting a different outcome.

  13. Europeans look after their own.✅
    Asians look after their own.✅
    Latinos look after their own.✅
    Pacific Islanders look after their own.✅
    💡Africans are the only people who don't look after their own, at home and wherever they are around the world.👎🏿

  14. Everyone in the comments are saying why are African farm workers over there and not in Africa? Y’all until Africa as a whole can provide proper infrastructures that aren’t corrupt and Africans willing to work with their government, ain’t shit gonna change. Some African countries are trying and making progress but as a whole, they’re still struggling.

  15. When will Africans and Africa, in general, realise that we will never be accepted by Europeans. The best and most effective way to tackle this, is to systematically change the economies of our countries. it's embarrassing to note that Africa is the richest continent interms of resources but still gravitates towards Western and European aid.

  16. Africans refugees will never and ever be treat like ukrainians refugees , you guys are just dreaming . ANYBODY who tell you that will happen in europe tell him he 's lying; it's big LIE.

  17. Ukrainians are mostly going to similar post Soviet countries where they're coming from. They probably gonna do nursing, cleaning and other odd jobs. There are no much more opportunities, weather also sucks, winter, flooding everywhere. So welcome everyone 😊

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