September 22, 2023
Eviction deadline for asylum seekers camping outside U.N. offices in Pretoria

Today is the deadline to evict over 100 camping outside the United Nations offices in Brooklyn, Pretoria, since 2019. They were given two days to move voluntarily or be sent to Lindela Refugee Centre on the West Rand. They have refused to move.
reporter Patricia Visagie joins us live for an update.

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35 thoughts on “Eviction deadline for asylum seekers camping outside U.N. offices in Pretoria

  1. They would have a comfortable living in South Africa if only they would stop being naughty and doing. naughty things. They must go back home and make trouble there, we have our own problems sicoleleni

  2. This is heart breaking and sad…i couldn't hold back my tears listening to this young man speak…all he wants is to just live a normal peaceful life.

  3. Ethiopia has been submerged in Western culture since the TPLF regime and is now the worst one and destroying its social structure and morality. Now children are raped and sold in the black market underground for tourists to spreading cult and sexuality. Nobody cares about anyone.

  4. To come in south Africa is solution no is not solution because of you don't have a document to come her go back home South Africa is full of you please and your country is not helping us her please go back home

  5. We have soft police in SA,si ithwele idombolo si country,he hasn't said anything about this millions of illegal immigrants in our country, people who are untraceable,kore even if they commit crime you can't trace them,they are even making thousands of babies in that situation… haaai go mnate mo Southy straight, United States of Africa 🌍🚮

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