September 22, 2023
Ex-Agent: FBI Has Long History of Abuse, But Trump Probe Shows "More Effective" Path for Agency

The Justice Department has released a redacted version of the affidavit used by the FBI to raid former President Donald Trump’s …


29 thoughts on “Ex-Agent: FBI Has Long History of Abuse, But Trump Probe Shows "More Effective" Path for Agency

  1. The search was not restrained and was a clear 4th amendment violation. The president has the authority to declassify any documents during their time in office and it sounds like he had a standing order and just because a file says "classified" doesn't mean it wasn't declassified.

  2. To say that those docs weren't well protected or secure is the same as saying that government wasn't protecting a former president. Honestly Trump probably was playing 4D chess with his enemies. Which they took hook line, and sinker. He's not gonna jeopardize his campaign over something as trivial .

  3. I have a problem with the title of his book , saying the new fbi is the problem .. the fbi has a history of doing criminal activities !

    How can one say it has ever changed its tactics ?

    This guy is defending the idea of a criminal enterprise within the government !

  4. The Democrats can rationalize all they want for their actions impeaching Donald Trump, mocking him here and there, and now disrespecting him by raiding his home over the baloney confidential bullshit. He is the former President!!! Democrats have crossed the line and have done shit many times over. I'm not surprised if this would escalate into a civil war because of the idiocy of these Demoncrats!

  5. ✨✨✨are you allowed to be a free thinker in the United States? Or is the FBI going to go after you to ruin your life? ✨✨✨

  6. I'm surprised the FBI didn't go in with machine guns, bullet proof vests and battering rams to raid Mar-a-Lago. They were terrorizing the African People's Socialist Party on bogus charges only a few days before this.

  7. We should trust the FBI? You mean the same FBI that knowingly used fabricated evidence (paid for by Hillary Clinton) to justify a 5 year long investigation where they forged FISA warrants to wiretap a sitting presidents residency? You mean the same FBI that had their text messages revealed where they were texting each other talking about how they would "stop Trump from becoming president" (Lisa Page and Peter Strzok)? The same FBI that entrapped Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos? The same FBI that told social media companies to suppress information around the Hunter Biden laptop because they didn't want to affect the outcome of the election, but they will target Trump and all of his appointees? The FBI needs to be DISMANTLED along with the CIA. The CIA is currently running operation mockingbird and operation earnest voice where they have agents influencing our media outlets and social media companies. DISGUSTING. The time has come to END these organizations and rebuild them from the ground up. We need SUBPOENAS and we need to JAIL all who were involved.

  8. Wrong. The FBI are corrupt. No need to search Malanias wardrobe. Nasty that, The Russia Colusion has escaped your comment. But we all support Trump and cleaning FBI swamp. Their errors require that they disband, get rid of the crooks and start fresh. Good Luck P Trump in your fight for justice.

  9.'s all political bullshit make sure Trump don't run next election and you see the head of the FBI resign cuz he let his political bullshit show on Facebook.that's FBI bias political theater..and if you don't see it . you're bias also…….

  10. Still waiting for Hillary Clinton’s email investigation and Hunter Biden’s lap top investigation….one sided. That’s why you’re dividing America.

  11. President Trump has got the American people behind him and it is burning you guys up ha I have never seen such a bad case of jealousy in my life ha just more fake news Lonnie ray

  12. It is tough job. As law enforcement you constantly monitored and have to follow every protocol while the criminals just want you dead. Only a few officers have the right mentality, cool, kind, collected. The police have backed off CA; you have daylight robberies pushing business out of business and these tax paying businesses leave. Biden knew this was the right time to strike Trump. Payback will come later.

  13. Apparently other exPresidents had taken work home and been in this situation. I am not a Trump fan but this raid looks politically motivated to much of the World. This sort of behaviour is too much like quasi fascism and bad for the reputation of the US. If was not so very serious it would seem bizarre.

  14. The Guardian is a Saudi rag sheet bought and paid for by the Saudis just like Federal Judge Aileen Cannon
    who belongs in prison for criminal insanity.

    Judge Aileen Cannon has been blocking evidence of police brutality against civilians including murder in the first degree in her court.
    Judge Aileen Cannon has been blocking evidence of poisoning by doctors like Hitler's doctors during the Holocaust against the Jews in Europe by a Jewish Aryan named Hitler.

    Aruis of Alexandria (an Aryan like Hitler) refused to acknowledge the divinity of Jesus Christ at the 325AD Conference and all or most of the white supremacist Aryan racists
    like Trump, William Barr, The Proud of Nothing Boys and traitor Oathkeepers are descended from these assholes.

    The Guardian has had evidence of my fathers poisoning and now murder, my poisoning, theft of money,
    daily stalking and death threats, civil rights and human rights violations by Trump/Cannon/Maynard/Meadows/Linn/Scott/Posey/Jones/Libbey/DeSantis/IRC County/ etc…
    and has refused to publish since they are assholes just like the conservatives in America and England where the Church belongs in prison for child molestation,
    Catholic criminal doctrine that includes male sexism, land theft, human genocide, cultural genocide,
    forced second class status of women for thousands of years just like the criminal Muslim assholes.
    John = Gift from God : Mary = Bitter Typical relgious zeolot sexism racism

    General Hayden of the NSA said "Leave the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds alone, let them kill each other. We should leave the Middle East they
    do not want us there. When they destroy what is left of their culture in about 50 years when they finally learn to play well with each other
    we will let them play with us." I think we should nuke Iran and tell them and their clerics to go fuck themselves.

    Earth – or humans on Earth – will not be here in 50 years. Humans are going extinct and dolphins will rule with a new species
    on Earth and it is about time humans got wiped off this planet. You assholes have had your chance and blown all of them.

    Judge Cannon is directly involved in the destruction of Surfside in Miami via Thermite (just like the WTC) after I filed
    a Federal Lawsuit in her criminal courtroom and the pervert excops(surveillance by thugs) in my neighborhood know I used Western Union to transfer the Court fees
    to the Fort Pierce court so they could steal my money/deny their criminality and destroy Surfside as an amusing media diversion for
    Wolf Blitzer(racist Aryan) and the criminal news syndicates in America spying on Americans with the criminal NSA instead of enemies abroad to
    protect the over 40 Saudis who attacked the USA with Trump/Bush on 9/11/2001. Bush got his loan from the Saudi Bin Laden group
    while Trump probably flew it in for him via Trump/Saudi golf international.

    If you are over 40 Saudi criminal billionaire Princes you can not only buy murder in the USA you can buy Judge Cannon, Trump, the 9/11 Commissioners, CIA Rousseau
    and a whole bunch of baffled FBI agents who until 9/5/2022 still do not comprehend the Thermite used in the WTC despite overwhelming evidence.

    The FBI has been persecuting/targeting environmentalists, minorities, civil rights groups so it's a fitting ending that the planet the FBI has been
    pissing on is now ending and there is not a damn thing they can do about it do to decades of refusing to prosecute wealthy white collar criminals
    along with the EPA for criminal pollution and poisoning of minorities via forced "poor real estate areas" surrounded by polluting industry.

    Ralph Nader Public Citizen – in the 1970's – Nothing has fucking changed!!!

    I hope Judge Cannon has a massive stroke from her "criminal stigma" and insanity. Being Paid off by the Saudis
    and appointed by a criminally delusional ex President Trump who hates Democracy and loves Hitler.

    Judge Cannon is not only Trump appointed but probably a Russian/Saudi spy like Judge Meadows who loves Putin. A USA enemy.

    Not hard to prove this Judge has been sending her racist landscapers to have me sprayed during COVID19 lockdown
    since she works with this racist street trash in her "volunteer" efforts in Fort Pierce.

    If this exFBI guy thinks she is wise he needs to have his head examined like William Barr the Aryan Racist who thinks Trump committed no crimes.

  15. This is all done to cover Joe Biden and his sons criminal actions with China and Ukraine. The FBI is a criminal arm of the democrat perty.

  16. Amy Goodman equals frumpy old biddy with severe TDS. I remember when I met you 17 years ago. I never knew you’d degenerate into into this. Listen to Redacted, folks, if you wanna stay informed

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