September 22, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: FBI Informant Tries To Lure BLM Activists To Violence

32 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: FBI Informant Tries To Lure BLM Activists To Violence

  1. What this is telling me is that the left wing groups are smarter than the right wing groups. Because the right wing groups were infiltrated by F.B.I. informants too(they say) & we know how that ended.

  2. Meth can buy all kinds of FBI agents and their informants. You want to know how guns get into black communities? This is how, from your friendly neighborhood FBI Agencies.

  3. I am grateful for the exposure and yes we do need and deserve answers Dr. Richey🙏🏾. The FBI operates like, “The Untouchables”. They throw rocks and then try to hide their hands😢😡😢😡😢😡😢😡😢😡😢😡

  4. Even if the officer's trigger finger was along the lower receiver and not on the trigger. If they we're using a gas operated closed bolt rifle (AR-15 type, M4, M16) they should have also been taught that the weapon can discharge if disturbed. Therefore defer the the 4 fundamental rules of operating a firearm (treat, never, keep keep) where the "never" means to never point the weapon at anything they DO NOT intend to shoot.

    In short your exactly right, it was incredibly negligent, and negligently applied deadly force. Thank you all for your work on discussing accountability with law enforcement. The constitution is supposed to mean something, and the more we all know the better we can protect ourselves and our neighbors at least after the fact on court.

  5. Where were you when the Gretchen Whitmer plot was exposed? You were right there saying those guys were guilty and the FBI involvement was a conspiracy theory. Now all of a sudden you report on this story with what appears to be NO PROOF. Hearsay at best. That video you showed at the beginning of the video is absolutely useless.

  6. This is the reason trump and his people were so mad at the FBI raiding his house in Florida! He new what crooked and sneaky shit he had the FBI do while he was in office.

  7. It's not hard to lead them in that direction where was BLM when Take Off died where are they with the brother that got killed by the police in Memphis ? The whole organization has all the earmarks of a scam where are the youth programs where are the funds to hire lawyers to sue these corrupt law enforcement departments ?

  8. So let me get this straight: you're blaming the f.b.i for all the violence committed by b.l.m. and antifa in 2020. 40 billion in damages murders, assults all that. The burning down of cities for 5 months straight. I've heard it all now.

  9. The protests had already started to fall apart before he showed up.

    Due to conflicts in who thought who was supposed to lead, many people stopped showing up or started to become unaffiliated with groups.

    The night in Aurora where the courthouse was vandalized was kind of the last “big event”. But, this came weeks after the large protests in Denver.

    Also, many protesters online had been posting for awhile not to trust Mickey.

    As crazy as it all sounds, this was already on the back end of what was a crazy few weeks.

  10. The big guy got it all handled. Life been great here in Dallas. Can’t wait til wheelie abbot get outta office. Joes handling it good til Trump gets back. Americas great

  11. Was this his training exercise? or was this the FBI version of "blinker fluid"? SAC: And when you complete this assignment, I want you to convince cows to give milk and water to be wet.

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