October 18, 2021


  1. joburg is the best place for black americans or the african diaspora to visit or reside in if they in South Africa because the is alot of black excellence in Joburg. Whilst where Im from Cape Town is a very racist city if you here you would think you in the South in America or in Europe because the unequality here is high. As a Cape Town native I dont suggest Cape Town for my black brothers and sisters abroad.

  2. It was the data situation for me 😭🤣 it's tough in SA. . . Overall great content, glad you having fun. Try to visit the other cities too while you in SA. 🤗

  3. Do you not realize that, this self elected government,gives nothing to no one, if it does not benefit them. We ,also do not need tourist, as the government are ill equipped to handle the covid issue. Then, they going to blame us and not the tourists. For the so called 4th wave. I do like, how, you adapt to the different, cultures though..as a lot of people when they come here, they want people to adapt to them and they do not want to adapt to their host country. Enjoy your stay..🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  4. There is actually a lot to do in Durban, most of the dopest parties are held in Durban but it has its seasons. Timing was off agh sorry man 😂😂😂

    You should have went to Fairmount Zimbali resorts for a spa treatment something like that. Eish you should have went to Moses Mabhida stadium there is fun activities there. You’ll do that next time 🤧

  5. This making me soooooooo homesick 😭😭😭😭.

    Ps. SA internet is ridiculously costly!!! (I live in Australia and before this I was I the UK. Left home 2002 January). Always shocked at how expensive data is there! Even cars, groceries, like how do people

  6. You know, I am an Indian and I had worked in SA for few months. I can never forget my women friends there from the black community. I was never felt truly loved like that before

  7. That shirt looks great on you 🥰
    Oh and I know one of the bar tenders at Legacy 😂😂
    My city is not that boring, but all the clubs are shut because of lock down, our bars have to close at 8pm because of curfew, and if it gets cold, we don’t really go out – we hate the cold 🤷‍♂️

  8. I wish you could've gone to Florida Road or atleast came to Moses Mabhida for bungy jumping. Hopefully next time you come to Durban it's the festive season. But all in all, loving your content 😍

  9. Omw Julian you were in my "city" Umhlanga. You should've given us a heads up as to what day you were going to be here so we could give you the DL on the weather. It would've been super cool meeting you!

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