September 25, 2021

49 thoughts on “Exploring Jinja, Budgeting, Girl's Nights VLOG | Follow Me Around Kampala | Moving to Africa Series

  1. Come to Toronto before the summer ends. Lock down ended girl. We still wear masks tho. Come!come!..Not much to do because seems like everyone is working from home but come😊 visit.

    I also think the kind of meat used for making ground beef is thr high quality beef. That is why it tastes so different. Notice the ground beef used in Canada is that bad quality gank same with their burgers.

  2. I feel you on that negative energy ish. man, can't stand negative vibes…..the only problem when being out there, and being an expat, is you get some negative energy. and sad thing is, a lot of it doesn't even matter.

  3. Awesome video thanks for edifying me Uganda is so beautiful and advanced. Just in case you didn’t know but coconut oil has great properties like it can reach higher temperatures with out burning it’s great for your skin hair and you can do oil pulling. You are beautiful and your friends are beautiful too.

  4. I am quarantined thousands of miles from Uganda… I feel very blessed because life has not stopped but we are just in a recess to reflect on our next options in this game of life…

  5. but a few seconds ago i have just seen people in mityana kikandwa and somewhere in jinja suffering from entumbi disease or bilihazia..what is what..are we suggesting that all is glamour oba..Uganda ekula.

  6. Hi Rachel, I haven't been in ug for a while but it would be nice to show real estate sellers you recommend for someone considering to buy rental properties ( reasonable prices/upscale) and can charge renters in usd

  7. Speaking of the next big trender I feel like Nadia has something against Our Nadia but anyways we shall overcome her with NICENESS AND NADIA'S BEAUTIFUL HEART AND PERSONALITY

  8. I can't believe I have just watched a full vlog from beginning to end without getting bored. You are such a good spirited person great relaxing vibes sprinkle off of you to us.

  9. Omg Rachael I could listen to you talk all day.. this is by far my fav vlog.. u literally make me feel comfortable for my American accent cause chile wen I’m back home I try to speak lil as possible cause they stay coming for me 😂😂loooooved it. And that lodge 👌🏾already booked on my next trip home. Thx 🙏🏾

  10. Oh Rachael you cracked me up with the guava tasting like waragi….don't know if I will forgive you since guava is my favourite fruit of all time, LOL!!!! I am always looking for it at the ethnic stores here in Ottawa. Ok you are forgiven, keep up the good work….My hubby used to think that UG was nothing but mountains and wild life, LOL!!!!

  11. Rachel, I am over here crashing on your life. As always, great content. Always remember to follow your instincts, your creative intuition, and cherish the result without judgment.

    On a side note- your bar drank moment reminded me of the night one of my besties and I got so drunk and I ordered a bed from High Fashion home. Thanks to moonshine. Keep doing you Rachel.

    This is by far your best.

  12. I really love your weekly vlogs😭😭😭 I literally look forward to them every week… u asked who was our favorite African YouTuber ….well it’s you for me sis.. you! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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