June 6, 2023
Exposing Black Lives Matter

42 thoughts on “Exposing Black Lives Matter

  1. It is written : let no flesh glory in his sight. It is written: the flesh profits nothing. It is written : we know no man according to his flesh. It is written : there is neither Jew nor Greek. Even so regarding the American constitutional contract for covenant,. Class distinctions are without merit. Nobility clauses are without merit

  2. What happened to Floyd was sad BUT he was super high on FENTANYL AND METH the officer was wrong for not letting up even though Floyd was resisting arrest but the officer didn’t kill him THE DRUGS DID

  3. One lazy generation after another being taught Marxist theories and this is what you get destruction and chaos if they really want to do it they are capable but then they would have a resistance they would never understand

  4. You know your nothing more then a deluded radical when you consider uniting with your fellow anarchists in an orgy of
    destruction , hate and crime as your freedom of rights and sacred duty?

  5. The ignorance of BLM's "leadership" is astounding, as is the ignorance of BLM's supporters. BLM is self-serving. Listen to the pastor. The only black lives that matter to BLM are the lives of those who agree with its political views.

  6. Did you know that the African kings of old didn't have prisons no they enslaved their people until they served their slavery sentence and was set free sometimes they were never again

  7. Here's the thing, destroying shit and protesting ain't doing shit. Actually going out and doing things that make a difference will. If all your doing is holding a sign, chanting slogans, scolding those who say "All Lives Matter" and not actively seeking change, it's no wonder nothing's changed. Now if you were to actually do something,then you might have a case.

  8. Anyone who gives money to BLM should be charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization.

    BLM is in the same vein as the weather underground, black panthers, and the May 19th communist terrorist organizations.

  9. Uneducated or they’re just stupid I’m sorry she still didn’t tell me anything what she’s doing for black lives matters except to start riots to break into businesses and buy homes for themselves they’re not giving any money do Black Lives Matter as in going to the neighborhoods they’re racist like it or not they’re racist

  10. You never gonna win you’ll never going to win it’s not right we don’t live in Hell you don’t yet how dare you I’m sorry I can’t answer that question I have some important things to do oh typically the right answer for a coward they’re all cowards upsetting they leave and they don’t even educate me I try to learn from both sides of a Republican Democrat or just people in general and she didn’t tell me anything except about riots and deaths to ethnic groups do you know what where this isn’t the 1600s OK ignorance and they actually believe this rubbish

  11. That’s their opinion right on I’m talking about the white folks right now they believe it they have no idea what it’s like think they’re afraid I look at it as were united

  12. Hands up don’t shoot is valid regardless of Mike- if I put my hands up what right do you have to kill me
    Also no one liked the riots just like no one liked the Insurrection- or do you sick demented cancer of the Earth support the Fascist Nazis who stormed the Capitol

  13. I have to wonder if there were a law that stated if you can show proof that someone wants rid of law enforcement, judges, jails and all that you are allowed to just do whatever you wsih to them. What would these people say if on camera they said the things that they said and that was followed by a pistol to the face and the last thing passing through their mind was a slug? Hey you wanted the lawless, deal with the lawless. Every so called law maker that hinted about defunding the police should loss all rights to any laws. See how long they can have private guards when those guards know they can be attacked and killed and there is absolutley nothing they can do except try to defend themselves. Me and my buddies or the leader of BLM? Have a nice last few days lady.
    You want lawless, give them lawless. Stop the Jan 6th committee. There is no law giving you those rights.

  14. First thing Mao Tse Tung did when the communists took power in China was empty the prisons and turn hardened criminals into his Red Guard. Then he turned them onto the public where they terrorized the country. Same playbook for blm.

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