September 22, 2023
Exposing & Responding, SARA" Suten Seti: " "Coke and Scholarship Don't Mix"

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recently came hard at the Moorish Science Temple of America, 3 Presentations to be exact preteding to be breaking down the Teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali!!!! Today I respond!! We Got Drama, Drug abuse and Scholarship all in !! Lets Clean Him up ! Support the !!


20 thoughts on “Exposing & Responding, SARA" Suten Seti: " "Coke and Scholarship Don't Mix"

  1. Brothers and sisters!! While all this arguing is going on and people are divided. Our skies are being filled with toxin aluminum, Barium strantium Aka Geo engineering, Flouride in water dumbing everyone down, genetic foods destroying our health….ETC, ETC!!thats the word we need to get out!

  2. Today we have speakers writers historians schalors etc but we have no leaders..if we do have leaders they failed us many many many years ago and all we have left is to work individually and take care of ourselves with the help of the socalled white mans system of government until real pan african organizations wake up and stop talking about religion..religion will extinct our race.arabs whites chinese men not playing these childish ass games sad

  3. actually I did research on this and the results are shocking .. KORAN with the K is more honorable than Q within the English European system . But some how the Modern Arab Islamic scholars got tricked or mislead into believing Q is the honorable equivalent for Arabic . The English would use Q if they wanted to insult them . K is authority and Q is subordinate .

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