September 22, 2023
Exposing The "Black Lives Matter" and Critical Race Theory Grifts, with Dr. Carol Swain

is joined by Dr. Carol Swain, author of “Black Eye for America,” to talk about what happened when she criticized Black Lives Matter, another BLM leader being charged with fraud, the difference between “black lives matter” and “Black Lives Matter,” the about Critical Race Theory, and more.

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48 thoughts on “Exposing The "Black Lives Matter" and Critical Race Theory Grifts, with Dr. Carol Swain

  1. Though a short episode, when Carol Swain doesn't push Jesus into the conversation, she is mighty impressive! With only one chapter on the Jewish Holocaust, anyone who reads Peikoff's, "The Cause of Hitler's Germany," gets an unpacked insight about the political, socio-economic, cultural and philosophical environment which have led to normalizing the shallow and tragic German School Race Theory 101, "Aryan-Semitic" (ASRT). Recommended read for Whoopi Goldberg and Farrakhan. The flip side German School Race Theory 102, "Critical" (CRT) is a shallow and potentially tragic extension of viewing the world through the lens of "Race," instead of the lens of merit, color-blindness, open-minds and warm-heartedness. 

    Even the Russian Imperialist Putin has mentioned the Woke BLMnik weakness and regression which, to him, is Marxist Bolshevism that is spreading in the West–not new and progressive. Alegeria-born, French philosopher, BHL's "The Empire and Five Kings" is also extremely apropos what's happening in the World today. Meygyn may want to have him on the Show. Yaron Brook should be able to discuss Peikoff's book on National Socialism in the early 20th century.

  2. BOYS I am reminded of my Father in 1961 looking at my 4 year old brother we had dressed up in my grandmothers old dress, a hat and a purse and sent him to his study as a joke. Girls come in here NOW ! Get that crap off your brother !! He's a boy, someday, a husband and a Father, as you are girls, soon to be young women, someday, wives and Mothers ! Respect that ! We laughed to ourselves, no sense of humor…but I never forgot it.

  3. BLM used this name to fool people that don’t bother to look behind the curtain. Same as PRC, PLA and all those other fictitious names used by organizations that engage in criminal behavior.

  4. There is no good in telling someone that they are a victim before anything happens to them. You are what you make of yourself. Learn all you can in school K~12 are free to you absorb every ounce of knowledge that you can. The biggest problem I here in schools today is disruptive behavior of students. The Marine Core has the saying right. Respect earned never given! People whine that they are not respected . Have they earned it??

  5. I dont care about BLM crimes or cons…but why did they invade American cities,towns,villages with a "guilt trip" message? in places who NO Black population? once upon a time a group did the same to them called the KKK…BLM wants revnege not justice

  6. WE DO NOT SEE THESE FEMALES, we see “what color they decide to be that day”. Let’s talk about section 8 housing, welfare, prostitution, & the vagina. “THESE, are the real problems”, overpopulating the whole world, is something you ladies have done with that unit between your legs. “Get serious”, the violent guns cannot stop all of you. Talk about “things that matter”. Fake news, and “WOMANESE”, is not working. Throwing the men out of their homes, and giving everything to “women”? Not working either. Prostitution:Thriving!

  7. CRT is Bullshit so is the BLM but all black Republicans are worst then racist white people. Black Republicans will not deal with non Christians black people.

  8. It isn't surprising that these blm chapter heads are being investigated and found guilty. It is a criminal organization, and they made that obvious since their formation. They commit crime every time they go out in the streets. They claim they are 'mostly peaceful', but the mob insulates the criminals that are committing the crimes. They are complicit at the very least. That the people in charge are committing other crimes shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

  9. Black lives matter was just pushed by anti trump parties and funded by China. I am Indian and like TRUMP presidential tenure because he tries to bring peace in the world. Biden instead made Ukraine a playground for Russia testing his weapons

  10. There are actual slave markets in the middle east, selling black people. Nobody cares, yet we still take heat for the ones that existed 150 years ago in America. Slaves that were captured by neighboring tribes and sold to Europeans by Arab slave traders, yet white man bad for participating in a legal, albeit reprehensible practice, that existed thousands of years before we got involved.

  11. "More important, as critical race theorists we adopt a stance that PRESUMES that racism has contributed to ALL contemporary manifestations of group advantage and disadvantage along RACIAL lines, including differences in income, imprisonment,health, housing, education, political representation, and military service. Our history calls for this PRESUMPTION."
    "Words That Wound: Critical Race Theory, Assaultive Speech, and the First Amendment"
    by Matsuda, Lawrence III, Delgado, and KIMBERLE' WILLIAMS CRENSHAW
    Those are their words from their intellectual papers: It is the entire foundation of the premise.
    CRT promotes the notion that the fact that a group is measurably superior is proof that everybody in that group is guilty; and, that a group being inferior is proof that everybody in that group is a victim.
    Further: this principle projects through time; asserting that what happened to the long dead projects onto the guilt or victimhood of the living; even if the living never experienced it at all………..
    CRT uses history and statistics to justify using government force to implement racial discrimination.

  12. There is no connection between Marxism and Critical Race Theory and you know it. And while some of the various accusations of fraud made against BLM organizers have already been disproved, others against the person honored as a Bostonian of the Year by the Boston Globe Magazine and hailed as the city’s “best social justice advocate” by Boston Magazine are still being adjudicated and remain unproven. Yet you report them as fact. Shame on you. This is not journalism.

  13. Preaching is not journalism. Stating "God did this and God did that…" is not reporting. The problem with America and the rest of the world can be summed up in one word – "God". The will to comply with unaccountable authority and the will to impose it, is the problem. What more authoritarian idea is there that man ever invented or could than the idea of "God". What is the one thing that belief in that idea requires? – Obedience. Obedience for the sake of it. Real journalism requires the exact opposite mentality – an independent mind. It is also the meaning of being free, the right to think for oneself and not be subject to some authority that is beyond question, does not explain itself, declares its superiority over your ability to understand, demands you drop your own ideas and just exacts the sacrifice of your independent thought, independent action. No greater idea, no more insidious idea could be responsible for the "just taking orders" excuse of the killers just doing as their told in war. The idea of God is not moral or objective. It is only a projection of man's lack of ability to explain and answer for his own moral expectations. It is man's arbitrary excuse in lieu of a reason for himself.
    Megyn's work has improved, but it won't ever be great until and unless she owns it and takes full responsibility for her mind and drops the infantile girl-talk religious superstition.
    One last note: the so-called "atheism" of the left is not the supremacy of reason. It is not intellectual maturity. It is as infantile as the faith of the right. It is only replacing the state as one's magical caretaker, or "daddy", over the church. America won't be saved from communism by the knee-jerk reaction of running to the church. It instead needs to grow up and acquire the ability to think rationally on moral issues. It needs to find an objective moral justification. It needs moral reasoning. What's going on in the world today is a build-up of a movement "back-to-god" as a supposed answer to communism. This is mindless and irresponsible. Megyn's not helping. Neither is anyone fighting the left with Jesus as THEIR "cool-aid". Placing the state or the church over one's individual rights will not stop tyranny. Arbitrary authority is arbitrary authority regardless. Neither the state or the church is the source of man's rights. The source of man's rights is his nature as a rational animal. This is the proper answer to communism. If you want to be great and do great work and live in a great country, have a great life, live in a way that matters, then ask yourself what your issue(s) is with that. Whatever it is, it's what you need to get past. America is stuck and will stagnate in the meantime.

  14. As I have been learning about the Democrat and the leftist, I have found their logics of arguments are leading to immortality.

  15. CRT is what happened to the natives– leftists only replaced the church and residential schools on reservations. They only build cheap schools on reservations to deny special education needs of welfare cases multiplying unabounded. The few that do make it through are lobbied and ushered by there own professors into social justice where they return home unqualified to aid illiterate children with math. Youth are committing suicide with no history of abuse or drugs or alcohol at an unprecedented rate.

  16. Dr. Carol Swain is tough as nails and smart. But she's sadly not a very interesting interview. I've been waiting for you to deep dive into the nationwide BLM Grift – please do another show on it.

  17. Racial minorities are based on human constructs not science. It is a flawed assumption that people are biologically different according to Palaeobiolgist, Nina Jablonski. In an article I came across, “What’s the difference between race and ethnicity?” by Emma Bryce published February 08, 2020. Nina Jablonski, at The Pennsylvania State University,” states that the racial groupings we have invented are actually genetically more similar to each other than they are different — meaning there's no way to definitively separate people into races according to their biology”. Our skin color results from the amount of solar radiation exposure through history.

  18. Dr. Swain acts like the social science is "settled." However, Critical Race Theory scholars, like Derrick Bell, Kimberle Crenshaw and Cheryl Harris, have done years of dispassionate legal work showing that all is not well within the black communities, institutions and laws–EVEN after the civil rights progress and desegregation. I urge her to actually debate some of these scholars–they've done the studies; these aren't just some poisonous Marxist ideologies, they are actually rooted in research.

  19. Dr Swain knows what she’s talking about. Black victimhood or self loathing has caused these people from realizing a better life for themselves. It holds them back and sadly it’s generational.

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