This week in the news; Mother of Chinese virologist claiming COVID is man-made ARRESTED in Beijing; 6;000+ scientists SIGN petition claiming lockdowns causing ‘irreparable harm’; Democrat producer tries to make pro-immigration documentary, REVERSES position; now supports Trump; Goat WALKS through Indian village ON TWO FEET; China arbitrarily DETAINS 1 million Uyghur, other Muslims: Labor Dept Report; Portland rioter JUMPS on police motorcycle, gets CHARGED for it; Officer in Floyd death RELEASED, 51 rioters arrested; Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly RAPES girl lying about being 16, dirt on 14yo (might not be) ‘sex slave’; Might Ducks star Brock pierce, president hopeful, REGRETS Epstein ties; US Federal Agent and QAnon follower FIRED for accusing boss of being in pedo ring; Poorly trained Black militia FRIENDLY FIRES AGAIN in Louisiana after cops KILL knife-wielding man; Kyle Rittenhouse Illinois charges DROPPED for never having the weapon in the State; Corrupt St Louise Democrat prosecutor DROPS charges against trespassers in McCloskey case; Seattle Cop injured after rioters TORCH squad car WITH HIM IN IT using burning wood; Man CHARGED with double shooting of Compton transit cops; BLM rioters DESTROY tens of thousands of dollars in LA, spray paints ‘kill more cops’ on wall; BLM rioters SMASH windows of residential homes in Wisconsin race riots; Gunman OPENS FIRE on Trump rally on Ohio highway; Conservative protestor SHOT IN COLD BLOOD in Denver by unlicensed NBC security guard; Facebook FORCES critics offline; claims use of Facebook logo constitutes ‘fishing’; Facebook REMOVES Trump ad rightfully claiming that refugees increase risk of COVID deaths; White House Press Secretary LOCKED OUT of Twitter for retweeting Hunter Biden laptop article; Michele Obama FALSELY ACCUSES Trump of being racist to convinces suckers to vote for Biden; Nancy Pelosi looking at 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office; Kamala ‘The Snitch’ Harris SIDESTEPS questions about packing the Supreme Court; Mass brawl ERUPTS between Black Looter Mob and Trump supporters in Oregon; Proud Boys; who are not a far-right group; TRENDS with LGBTQT+2CIMAOIBeepBeep people online; Kidnaping plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer FOILED; ‘chilling social media posts’; US House of Reps CONDEMNS QAnon as ‘sick cult’ based on no evidence; and more top Really Simple Syndication (RSS) news and political commentary from the intellectual dark web.

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