September 28, 2021

36 thoughts on “Faces Of Africa: The Rastafarians coming Home to Africa

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  2. I don't know why Amerikkka had to steal us away than make it nearly impossible for us to go back home but I will say Africa always been in my heart this is where I was born but it's no home of mine and plenty of African Americans feel the same. We long the day we get to walk free where our ancestors once did. I will one day.

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  4. I am currently living in Germany. However, since of late I have such a strong urge to go back to Africa even though I have invested all that I have in Jamaica. I feel like mama Africa is calling me and I believe the best place to be is Ethiopia.

  5. Like Africans, even Asian countries under rule of British especially Indians were taken slaves to the Caribbean. That’s why So many West Indians have Indian names. That’s why there is so much similarity in Jamaican and Indian food with spices and similarities between Indian monks and rastas, dread locks came from sadhus(Indian monks), lord shiva did it first.

  6. I am mixed race with European but also black fro my father and his father and so on…funny thing is I do not get on well with the caucasian side of things in my family.
    I have followed Rasta for years, not as well as I should in my own heart. The truth, Abyssinia, it has always called me but the fear of my light skin being looked at wrong or others opinions on why i have interests in such things …. it's difficult. Much love to the Moorish people all around the world and to the many people struggling of all color, we all the same color…HUMAN.

  7. Interesting doc but Haile Selassie's name was not 'Rastafar' as stated at (01:35) but initially Lij Tafari. Ras itself is a later title: ('King') and his name Tafari meant "He who inspires awe" or very similar. His father was Ras Makonnen. Proper research has its place.

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