November 28, 2021

41 thoughts on “Fake Doctors, Scavengers & Bro Fake Conscious

  1. At this point OG I think you need to ignore them & get to the real order of the day this is below you to even address until you did it once to expose then left it be …you don’t even have to acknowledge them it’s other things that’s more important than them fools …it’s actually taking away from your content OG…Talking about these 2-3 dudes for weeks & we all know they are shady & aren’t the “conscious community “ only just members …you on point people can steal but we know they ain’t no Doctor ..but you shouldn’t entertain them no more it’s a whole situation going on with Covid ,Haiti & Nationality that need to be addressed we need to get on point …don’t fall into a back & forth it’s lowering the mission plan ..we know they ain’t right OG

  2. 1000% facts. All the of what I’ve been saying. It’s time. It’s beyond time to end the bullshit. Keep feet on the necks of them scum bags that call themselves conscious and especially the ones who call themselves Dr., minister, Master etc etc. without the proper degrees and legal/lawful papers to follow. Unfortunately there are always gonna be lollipops to sale because a sucker is born everyday.

  3. Most deceptive people who never change their stripes. At the end of the Enqi intentions of getting his hands on the video to see what is being said and possibly to send to Polight. There is a reason for the gank move.

  4. TAHARKA, YOU THE MAN, BUT!, how can you say it was private when other people had access to the cloud. Taharka is either really smart for "unhiding" it to let others put it out to avoid direct heat from saneter, king simon and polight …… OR he's talking about integrity and thievery after leaving his front door wide open after baking a fresh cake in a hungry hood. Seriously, why call it private when other folks have access to the damn cloud cos even if it's hidden in the cloud, if others have access to the cloud they can probably unhide it and download it themselves dummy. RIDICULOUS.

    I say Taharka was was trying to test the waters because he was scared to put it out himself. Now he's fina put out the rest of the recorded interviews with the sister himself.

  5. Peace. This world is so into madness that they make sense of it and have to be persuaded of what truth is. This is the sickness goin on in the world and on You tube. Why do you all want a Liar to tell the truth? A Liar is a Liar, A Thief is a Thief, A Fraud is A Fraud. Stop with this nonsense. Our people are dying and killing themselves. It like Farrakhan Said CLEAN IT UP or die outside where you are, but get the hell out of here. Many will not get out of this sick Matrix of Destruction. These You tubers are more sick and begin than any of us in this system. I just felt to say that. We used to be a smart people. WAKE UP!

  6. Peace to the family and big brother Taharka. Check out BLACK ROOTS SCIENCE creation story from 🇧🇼 Botswana. Daily Memory exercises to get you in touch with your original self. That's your guide and the one to point you in the right direction. That's who can explain to you your purpose. Your original self was here at the beginning and has been here ever since. This how you get the truth of what has happened throughout the ages. No debates. No he said, she said. No following another person. You get your information from your original self. No need for a translator for a book. No need for a second hand account of history.
    If you reading this you are a bold person who has been searching for answers beyond this materialistic world we live in. If u watched a enki video, or a polight video, or a house of concious video, you looking for answers to questions you feel with your intuition. That intuition is your original self. Read online BLACK ROOTS SCIENCE or listen to chapter readings on YouTube. Good luck family. PEACE

  7. We need to expose all these charlatans in front of the community, so we can save lives(people out here dying due to these fake Doctor's) and Black people life savings(so many cases of our people losing everything they have and ending up in severe poverty). The days of our people being taken advantage of by whites, blacks or whoever IS OVER❗❗❗👊🏾

  8. I really believed in a new age, CONSCIOUS BLACK COMMUNITY of the internet era. I might as well continue to believing in Father Christmas, because being book smart is only that and nothing else. It doesn't mean shit at the end of the day.

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