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To Win in 20,000 fifa points giveaway only two easy steps

(i) Download PocketFlip App from this link

(If u download PocketFlip directly from store without using this custom link then u need to Go to profile option in PocketFlip app and Write our channel name “ chillboy” and press Send , it’s necessary coz PocketFlip is the organizer of this giveaway and u don’t add “chillboy” they won’t consider u a participant of our giveaway , If u have used custom link already then u don’t need to add “Chillboy” anymore , U are already confirmed )

(ii) After downloading app from above link , go to this gleam link to confirm ur entry and give ur details in the giveaway as a member of ChillNation so if u win u can be contacted

That’s it , now u have boarded the flight , just wait for it to land ✌️😄

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  2. Wtf, what is up with youtube recently, too much spam. It is getting annoying. Don't believe the scam spam comments, only Fifahax0r worked for me. You may search for it on Google 🙂


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