September 21, 2023
FBI Agent Provocateur SPARKED BLM Violence | Breaking Points

21 thoughts on “FBI Agent Provocateur SPARKED BLM Violence | Breaking Points

  1. This happens to EVERY group who organized against our corrupt govt. Antifa, oath keepers, proud boys, etc this is what they did to our citizens for trying to organize

  2. This guy Aarsonson is major league leftist partisan. He is is even re-tweeting stories saying the Hunter Biden laptop story is a nothingburger. Surveillance and entrapment for thee but not for me.

  3. It's strange that no democrat can put two and two together… When Ray Epps said the FBI infiltrated the protesters on Jan. 6 …and tore down the restraining wall… . You didn't want to believe him?

  4. The protests were operated by the government, corporate, media complex and their hysterical desperate desire to take Donald Trump out of office. BLM itself was a domestic terror group taken over by WEF (George Soros chief funder} to exploit the suffering of black people, to use that suffering to inflame the masses to create disorder and help them overthrow Trump. Trump was revealing this deep state collusion with super billionaires to convert America back to the old world two tier order. Elites and the herd, knocking down the ladders of opportunity to create an authoritarian state capitalism after the Communist Chinese model. Ray Epps, infiltrated the January 6 as an agent provocateur to incite violence that they are now using to imprison political prisoners, who were not violent, and their ultimate target is to make sure that populist candidates who oppose big government control, globalist control of our country.

  5. I mean we saw this online all the time. MANY protest found cops in masks destroying property and trying to incite riots. Then all the protesters in the area are rounded up and shoved in patty wagons.

  6. The FBI literally just create their own boogymen to scare old white suburbanites into voting more of their rights away. They’ve been doing it since their inception with every social movement that’s ever happened in this country. Incredible how you can trick the same people with the same trick time after time 😅

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