September 17, 2023
FBI Cointelpro Stalking Alaska to Texas read description!

Truck pulls up to stop while I smoke cigarette. This occurs just about every-time I smoke, either a car sitting across from room backed in with people watching, car driving be that stops and sits or horn honking.

Now in Fort Worth Texas, came to assist Sarah Degeyter who has traced IP addresses found on her online accounts to the houses surrounding her, one a ex Harris county deputy, she was stalked before and after the rape at gunpoint and eventually fled to Fort Worth Texas, only to immediately encounter the same activities. Jason Foust also came to assist and of course is encountering these same odd activities now in Houston. This is a FBI Cointelpro operation and as in the 1950s-1970s they committed the same crimes against activist, whistleblowers, civilians, including murder. (Rape involvement coverup) HPD FBI which were in many different cities. At this location to offer assistance to Sarah Degeyter, a victim of stalking, a beating and Rape in Harris County which seems to be linked to an ex Harris County Police officer.
The FBI employees tens of thousands FBI and police informants who commit over 5600 crimes repeatedly every year. As informants they are allowed to commit these crimes with the protection of this agency at the same time making hundreds of thousands if not millions per year.

I encountered this same behaviour in the Spring Texas area where I had a Harris County Deputy stalking me, sitting in front of my residence, blocking me in my driveway, trespassing on my property for close to ten days before being arrested on charges in which he stated false information.

This constant harassment very similar to the well publicized case of gangstalking harassment found on ABC news.

This was done also in the original FBI Cointelpro program that targeted, stalked, harassed, and murdered activist. My mail has been stolen in two different states since 2012.
The FBI started this campaign of terror against me one day after a 35-40 man raid on my Anchorage Alaska property with a warrant for tenant Steve Landers. I awoke the next morning to start my car and had 4-5 cars lining the streets start up and proceed to follow me everywhere I went. This has continued till this day. After this event I have suffered almost constant break-ins to property, the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in possessions and property damage, Arson, windows broken out of house, drugging, poisoning, set up by Harris County Police, vehicle tampering, electronic warfare, etc, etc, etc.
These are the same illegal crimes the FBI committed that were exposed in the 1970s and they continue today, many civilians have died as a result of their actions, this is murder and these criminals must be prosecuted.


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