September 22, 2023
FBI Cointelpro stalking noise harassment Sarah Degeyter stalking rape victim witness intimidation

Now yet again, this harassment continues in yet another city, (Texas) hundreds of miles from the previous videos which were in many different cities. At this location to offer assistance to Sarah Degeyter, a victim of stalking, a beating and Rape in Harris County which seems to be linked to an ex Harris County Police officer.
After the assault in Houston, Sarah fled to Fort Worth to try to escape the stalking that seems to follow her where ever she moves to, she photographed evidence of what obviously looks like stalking behaviour, this continues on the next move to Texas City where I also witnessed this as well as recorded audio recordings of this same horn harassment, it now continues back in Fort Worth Texas area.

I encountered this same behaviour in the Spring Texas area where I had a Harris County Deputy stalking me, sitting in front of my residence, blocking me in my driveway, trespassing on my property for close to ten days before being arrested on charges in which he stated false information.

This constant harassment very similar to the well publicized case of gangstalking harassment found on ABC news.

The tactics used in the Targeted Individual program are the exact same criminal acts in the FBI’s Cointelpro operations that were exposed in the 1970’s, they were also tactics that have been used in military campaigns for many years as well as the same actions taken by the federal government against civilians in Waco Texas, Ruby Ridge, etc. An endless record of the assault and murder of civilians by an agency out of control.
The FBI 24/7 harassment began in 2012, Steve Landers at that time was allegedly arrested, upon his alleged release from federal prison in 2016, I was again contacted by the FBI concerning him and a John Vindetti whom the FBI stated that Mr Landers had said he had had a conversation with me and Mr Vindetti where Vindetti had stated he had engaged in sexual activity with a minor. I had no knowledge of this and felt that these allegations were false and stated this.
Mr Vindetti had stated to shortly before this contact with the FBI that he had received block letters wanting a large sum of money from him, or the sender of these letters would send many letters to all of his neighbors at his purchased residence. I believe that there is a great possibility that one if not both of these men were FBI informants. Within weeks of this last contact with the FBI the terrorist campaign against me greatly escalated once again.
Link to Phone call to FBI:


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  1. I get rape every second, I'm not sure what pressing my tits and vag is about,but every second it gets pressed,no breathing time,it seems this new cointelpro person has a fascination with my female parts,and looking for any excuse to touch them.

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