September 17, 2023
FBI Cointelpro.

DescriptionCOINTELPRO was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of …


23 thoughts on “FBI Cointelpro.

  1. He said he wouldn't profile poeple "corporations" they are defacto & everyone in the room knows it. Not one person with a moorish fez. So the shits clogging the drain. Active

  2. The only Law enforcement Officer is the High Sheriff and his deputies. The High Sheriff is an elected Constitutional entity . The COP is a corporate paramilitary mercenary slave patrol operating in repugnancy to the Constitution .

  3. OK I have been wanting to do this for a long time Moors, Moors Moors! wake up! please! wake up! They miss leading you'll. Go to the UNITED NATIONS website or better yet go to the Moorish website. You will see that the Moorish nation is in line with the Agenda 21. I went to one of your temples, mosque not sure what you call it but I was trying to find out (who I was.) I was thinking maybe I am a Moor? So I went to one of the sessions. The flag there at that particular chapter had the flag upside down. I thought the flag was in distress but it turns out the flag was not in distress and the man running that particular chapter was speaking with me and I asked him about recruitment. How do you get new members to join up? His response was Oh no we don't recruit. we proved the building and let them come in on their own. Something didn't seat right with me about his response because if you are trying to help people( Especially to give People knowledge about their identity) I would think you would want to recruit and tell every so called black person you saw! So I went home and did some reading. I was reading Lob aka Job in the bible. Yahweh and Lucifer has a contract. Lucifer gets to tempt you all day every day but you have to consent to the temptation in order for Lucifer to get his hold on you and when I read that, I thought about that conversation I had with the Moorish gentleman. I'm going to tempt you but I can't actively or persuasively get you in this building. You have to enter the building under your own free will. The People in the Moorish nation are being deceived. Yes this might be Moroccan land. IDK but I do know there were so called black people in America before the so called native americans, I know that much and that there were so called black people all over the world before columbus. And we were dominating. We are Kings and Queens am not taking that from you but what I'm saying is the Moorish nation is in line with the UN agenda 21. That's not a good thing. That's the main reason I never returned to that mosque. I want to pose a question to anyone claiming to be a Moor, have you had a DNA test done that confirms that you are a Moor or from Moorish descendants? Because I have a DNA test and I am about to swab my mouth and find out my make up.

  4. Wow. Why are we letting these incompetent people govern us when they're clearly incompetent of governing themselves and this country and continent

  5. Momma put her foot down his throat in such an El(oquent) way.. we need her to come on home to the nation.. πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦IslamπŸ‡²πŸ‡¦

  6. Yes there is. They're called "The police". And BLM is a democrat George soros funded cover abusing black people for their numbers to turn them against themselves! They dont want another MLK or Malcolm X.

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