September 20, 2023
FBI: Deen victim of extortion attempt

The arrested a man it says wanted from to keep quiet about “damning” statements she allegedly made.


26 thoughts on “FBI: Deen victim of extortion attempt

  1. She said she was sorry,that would have been good enough for Rev. King,but its worthless to the likes of Al Sharpton, people like Sharpton like Hitler would be nothing without their Hate. I blocked Walmart,Target,and The Food Network for giving into hate,its disgusting.

  2. Actually Al Sharpton AND Bill Maher have condemned the condemnation of Paula Deen. Both saying that people should not have to "disappear" for past mistakes. Other Celebrities have expressed support for Deen. Stacey Dash, Jessie Jackson, for example.

  3. I know what you mean. I was telling my Dad about how last week we were all talking about happen to Paula Dean & how the next day it wasn't on. I was really just pointing out how quickly the news changes day by day & wondered if anybody else ever notices that?

  4. Can you imagine if someone like Betty White used a racial slur? The woman's 91 years old. Her entire legacy would be tarnished and everyone would HATE her. She would take that guilt to her grave.

  5. I can't believe people are buying into this crap. It's a publicity stunt. After a deposition, the lawyer would have told her to keep her mouth shut. She did not. And where are all the news interviews with the other party that is suing her for saying that? No where, because they don't exist .

  6. She even said this was what happened, she said this guy was behind this whole thing. We still ate it up. The public is sadistic. Theres not one single person here who's never said that word.

  7. So all those folks who dumped her could take her back. We have double standards. Ask Martha Stewart. Paula Deen was honest and they crucified her. I like the lady. I hope nobody eats the southern diet all the time but it is fun once in awhile. Amazon will publish her book I'll bet.

  8. The worst thing about this "incident" is that the woman suing Momma Deen for racial discrimination…IS A WHITE LADY!!! WTF??!!!!!! (O_o) Seriously, this shows how MONEY HUNGRY some people are!

  9. Transparent Distraction.

    "Forget about the NSA spying on Americans without reasonable cause or a warrant! Paula Deen is the victim here! She said something bad a long time ago and she's sorry!"

    WAKE UP!

  10. We're rapidly becoming a nation of self important little pussies controlled by money grubbing lawyers who seek to make money off of everything regardless of truth, justice, morals or values. Doesn't have to be right, doesn't have to be moral, doesn't matter who gets hurt, doesn't matter if your guilty or innocent, it just be spun up by a shitbag lawyer and fed to a bunch of dumbfounded dip shits. They call this progressive thinking or PC but they're the tools of Fascism and they're effective.

  11. Im white as hell but I got mexican and black friends throwin that word around all the time I slip sometimes too but just joking and they dont give a fuck its just how u say it I guess the tone maybe but my friends know I love'm. I guess it kind of has to do with where ur from like if u are from the neighborhood u can be friends with just about anybody but the suburb or uptown it might be different middle class upper class probably the most racist evry1 else just learned to get along

  12. Paula was given a rotten break, people should use the Gospel word " he who is not guilty throw the first stone". All of us have at one time made mistakes, but are given second chances, why not give Paula Deen a second chance. Over look her mistake and see all the good she has done for all types of people, she is a good person, I say give her that second chance. Patricia Coursey, Savannah, Georgia

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