September 22, 2023
FBI, Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO and Civil Rights - Cold War DOCUMENTARY

45 thoughts on “FBI, Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO and Civil Rights – Cold War DOCUMENTARY

  1. It is well known that the Director was of the gay persuasion this disingenuous attempt to smear one of the greatest heads of interpol and the bureau who bravely lived his lifestyle while serving his country and his don't ask don't tell running of the bureau by blackmailing most of the Congress and bureaucrats industrial and private citizens using his position in the federal government is legendary so no one would dare to question him or his private gay lifestyle is wrong

  2. Perhaps our negativity towards communist ideologies can be attributed to the fact that it is an ideology that has never worked in practice, it goes against human nature, it is premised on taking away everything from the most productive members of society and redistributing it to the rest, and most importantly, it has resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people, usually as a result of the whims of an authoritarian dictator who inevitably comes to power. Obviously, I could write pages upon pages further critiquing communism but the fact is, it is a poisonous disease that infects societies and inevitably ends with death, destruction, oppression, and the suffocation of freedom and liberty. There is no such thing as a free and open communist society. It cannot exist in such conditions.

    Let me just add that this isn't meant to attack the channel or the video in any way. I agree with nearly all of the points made in this video as well. Hoover was a power mad lunatic, let loose to do whatever he wanted at the population's expense.. In short, he was a mad man. I love y'all's content and look forward to every new episode.

  3. None of the information discussed in this video is particularly new, black historians have known about this for decades. However I appreciate his displaying of original source material. How can the author be accused of whitewashing/revision of history when he displays that the FBI'S own documents state the point that he is making in this video.

  4. America has always had an oligarchic and fascist undertone to it. More or less since it's founding. Which was by the wealthiest men in the colonies at the time. Didn't Jefferson or Franklin describe the 'disease of (excessive) liberty'. And democracy as 'rule by the mob' which he wanted to avoid. Yes they wanted to be free of the British but they also didn't want to hand over the new state to the lower classes that they looked down upon. The state suppression of organised Labour and workers struggles have been a constant theme since that founding. Also the founding fathers didn't want total equality of men (let alone women) which is why they created the 3/5 rule.

  5. Also note that the recent Hoover movie from a few years back totally white-washed the man and didn't mention most if not all of this documented track record, instead choosing to portray Hoover as a uncaped crusader and guardian of all things American precisely as hoover would have preferred himself to be seen. Made me realise the actual function of Hollywood is not to challenge narratives but actually to reaffirm the narrative of those in power and to cement what people already think that they know, all the while maximising profit.

  6. The second Red Scare began under the FDR administration before entry into the second Imperialist war in 1940 with the Smith 'Gag' Act of the 18 leaders of the Socialist Workers Party and Minneapolis Teamsters union.

  7. I agree with a lot of other commenters here that I would greatly enjoy a video focused on Hoover! Thank you for this interesting one too!
    God be with you out there everybody. ✝️ 🙂

  8. Yes, they were so paranoid that they had to stop doing what they were doing. The result is on sight, a few decades later. Rampant left-wing extremist thinking and a country on the verge of civil war.

  9. The truth is COINTELPRO is active today and more than thousands of people are being harassed into self deletion or mass deletion. Because they are very versed in creating false narratives into having the world thinking you are mentally unstable. Shame on the government because what’s done in the dark will eventually reach the light.

  10. I always imagine if I was alive back then I would have been killed, maybe I could have escaped to UC Berkeley,v but unfortunately information was absorbed was so much slower. 🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️

  11. I just love this Cold War stuff, given what generation I belong to, and when I served in the Army. I wonder if you have done anything about the US bomb testing in the Marshall Islands, and what happened to many of the Marshallese. Most are still in atomic exile. Themes include paternalism, racism, ethnocentrism, and ignorance.

    Only a half dozen people in Washington know that in 1953 J. Edgar Hoover was relieved as Director of the FBI. Although he continued to hold the office, and the title, control of the FBI passed to a Pinnochio from Hong Kong named David Liberman, who had been a protege of the Communist leader Bukharin (Gonzo). Liberman entered the United States in 1932, and later went to the Department of Agriculture under Henry Wallace (nose man). He was employed in the name of D. Thomas Lee (Alien), and he set up four Communist networks in Washington, none of which know the members of the others. In 1939 he was shifted to the FBI, where he was given charge of a department specializing in planting phony evidence against loyal German-Americans so that they could be imprisoned and their homes and businesses given to nose people. He now operated under the cover name of Hawkins, and it is this name which he used as the secret director of the FBI.
    The Red Network by Elizabeth Dilling.///Behind Communism by Frank L Britton.///The Rulers Of Russia by Denis Fahey.///The Satanization Of Russia by Jensen.///The Octopus by Elizabeth Dilling.///The Beasts Of The Apocalypse by Olivia O'Grady.///The World Conquerors by Louise Marshalko.///

    graduate of the Lenin School of Revolution in Moscow, he trained the group which later delivered China to the Communists. Interestingly enough, when Robert F. Kennedy, as Attorney General, was in nominal charge of the FBI, he dealt only with J. Edgar Hoover, and was unaware of Hawkins' existence.

  13. Could you cover the Bahamas? I visited the country a few years back and I feel that the Bahamas has often been overlooked in world history. Could you do more videos on the Bahamas and the Caribbean in general during the Cold War?

    Edit: I do know that there was a military clash between the Bahamas and Cuba where the Cuban Air force bombed a Bahamian ship in retaliation for a raid on a Cuban fishing boat. This could be a topic for a future episode. Let us know! Thanks!

  14. I somewhat appreciated your speech at the end to wrap up the video, but I think it would’ve felt more genuine (or complete maybe I should say) if you had also incorporated more of the other valid perspective. It’s true that many American citizens hid behind the real threat of communist subversion to avoid addressing real racial issues, but it’s also true, that many communist instigators grabbed on to those issues as a shield of their own and two help push their message further, amongst groups and organizations. If this video was simply an introduction, or brief summary of one side of the larger more complicated real issue, then I would definitely appreciate another video on the matter. Going into the activities and rhetoric of specific international labor organizations, the black panthers and other black separatist groups, the weather underground, examples of Soviet influence, communication, and sometimes open “partnerships” to various individuals and groups. If that’s already in the works, then I can’t wait! You can also go over how different groups across the USA and elsewhere were sometimes divided by more Soviet or Maoist influences. There was a LOT of love for Mao.

    I think it’s disingenuous to continue the well known and adopted, yet biased rhetoric of counterculture individuals, claiming not wanting to embrace communist, socialist, or Marxist inspired ideas for a society, including by sometimes spreading those ideas through violence and promoting the tearing down of what came before, means you’re simply in favor of “absolute” conforming for conforming sake.

    It’s also only fair to mention that Hoover went after the KKK, non-leftist militia organizations, and anyone thought to be capable of destabilizing or greatly agitating wider American society. Leftists inspired groups obviously made sense is the major concern, but Hoover and the FBI weren’t simply limited to pursuing leftist or Marxist groups and individuals.

    Props to you for mentioning that controversial issue with MLK. I truly feel sorry for his wife and kids. He cheated on her with over 40 women, participated in orgies, and made gross supportive jokes and remarks while watching a friend of his rape a woman in their hotel room. His delivery of that I Have a Dream speech is still incredible in my eyes, but him as an individual and his increasingly leftist inspired policies later in his career such as advocating for race quotas in all parts of society don’t make him a good individual in my personal assessment.

  15. I suggest u talk about the shock russians went through after the disassemble of the usssr , like not knowing if the train or bus is free or what currency u use etc…(example)!!
    I read about it in the book : Shock Doctrine , by:naomi klein !!

  16. And this is why I consider the US intelligence community, especially in our post-Patriot Act Era, too powerful & dangerous to be allowed to exist anymore (or at least, as it currently exists). But truth be told, I don't think we could challenge them even if we wanted to. Unless we work with their foreign enemies in the world of international intelligence. But then we would only be solidifying their reason for existing. Our world becomes more & more dystopian everyday 😰!

  17. I pray to God that J. Edgar Hoover is rolling in the deepest depths of hell where he has to spend all of eternity reliving the struggles of everybody he caused even the most minor of grievances

  18. Great video on FBI''s attack on the Civil Rights movement in the 50s, 60s, & 70s. I think you should talk about how the Soviet Union after MLK''s murder that they tried to start a race war in the US.

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