September 22, 2023

31 thoughts on “FBI's COINTELPRO

  1. This is why they honor MLK with holidays, street names, schools etc bc he was hand picked to mislead the ppl. I remember seeing a pic of him having dinner with the Rothchilds. He was a saver for wypipo & he paid the price & everyone in his family continue to work with the enemy 😔

  2. En Ferrol Galicia se.esta aplicando esto.
    Es una población de.65.000personas , 6 campamentos de venta de drogas al por mayor , sectas religiosas opus dei y la mayor base militar de.España.
    Pero también con un alto índice de suicidios, desaparecidos y acosos de diversa índole, diagnósticos siquiátricos de esquizofrenia elevados .Ahora sé que lo que vivo es real y tiene nombre ,a darle repercusión y mucho ruido sobre lo que pasa en 2020 .
    Un saludo

  3. These organizations that were targeted were all communist organizations. They were mobilizing to create chaos in order to over throw government and end constitutional rights for every American citizen. They now make the counterpoint appear evil to protect these very same ideologies.

  4. Every person in the world should know about this stuff, along with Edward Snowden's revelations, and more. Most people wouldn't care even if they did know, for some bizarre reason.

  5. COINTELPRO still exists. It's more advanced. The FBI and the government can spy using your own smartphone, PC cameras, your security cameras, PS4 and Xbox cameras, Amazon Echo, traffic cameras, cameras installed in downtowns of cities, store security cameras, etc… They know wherever you are using satellite imagery and video. That CBS show 'Person of Interest' illustrated this point perfectly. I suggest everyone who thinks any program like this doesn't exist to hop on Netflix and watch exactly what they do behind the shadows and watch the TV Series 'Person of Interest'. That was a very good show.

  6. Remember people how these whites who came and trashed the Capitol bldg are not being treated as a threat but are now being released to mexico for margaritas and sunshine. Proof positive that this govt and law enforcement only care about the destabilization of black society. None of those organizations were for anything more than betterment of the people. No rhetoric of attack to the country that has attacked them repeatedly. But the FBI, CIA still launched a full on offensive aginst everyone involved in fear of " Black Messiah" and words of the like. For simply the betterment of black life on the planet. Lets you know what they are, and have always been about. Happy Black History Month..

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