September 22, 2023
Finally Flying Home After 7 months in Africa  |  Corona Virus Repatriation Flight

After 7 months , we finally got tickets to travel home to America. Getting a ticket in itself was an experience. But this …


3 thoughts on “Finally Flying Home After 7 months in Africa | Corona Virus Repatriation Flight

  1. Disgusted at your arrogance and ignorance at needing to be told to put on masks. And then failing to comply after the woman respectfully asked you to, pointing out that wearing a mask may not be necessary for your health but protects others at high-risk from COVID complications and death. Despite your self-labeling as “Christians” a thorough review of your videos shows me that you’re little different from the self-entitled, know-it-all Millennials who live a secular life. Particularly irritating is the “mansplaining” and the assumption that a lifestyle that appeals to you is somehow God’s mandate for everyone. But certainly a correct observation that you’re not college material and the experience was a waste of money. You certainly didn’t learn anything and likely lack the intellectual capability to be liberally educated even if you tried. I do excuse your illiteracy in the science of economics as most people are. Every dollar you spend in America is integrated into the global economy whether you like it or not.
    Bob, proud college and law school graduate.

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