September 28, 2021

35 thoughts on “Finally Getting Our Strength Back After Being Sick In The Gambia

  1. It's normal family be strong is not coved 19 people use to sick an it will get this sickness my first week returning here uk I get sick an I get test negative coved so humans come in this world to be sick an well my grandfather in my village says if u don't get sick for long time be wish u all the best brother u an my sister..enjoy u home land

  2. I drank sorrel with bush & herbs in it and lime and ginger. The sorrel revelation came to me when I first got sick with my kids. I was so weak but in a weird way & I had a trance and heard "drink bissap"….Lol! No lie! It will heal you. Also, baking soda with warm water to gargle and flush the nose. You can drink a hot water lemon 1/4 tsp baking soda in a small mug. Then flush it out with at least 2 bottles of water. It hasn't failed me and I've had the "thang" many times.

  3. Malaria will kill many people in Africa who never experience it or understand it's various symptoms before knowing it was all Malaria.

    Just take my advice because Malaria is a deadly fever with lost of taste and even smell with exploding headaches, sinus pains and weak joints throughout your bones and can even paralyzed you in bed without any ability to walk.

    Sleeping in that Bag environment Malaria can be a No1 suspect. In most cases you need a Malaria check up with an experienced Gambian doctor. Wrong diagnosis will also make it worse and leed to my description.

  4. Every indication is that you had malaria. This is the season for it, the rainy season. Now you have immunity against it for the rest of the year. It's a terrible disease. The feeling of weakness and loss of appetite is the worst part.

  5. Hail up just find your channel I am here next to you in Senegal 🇸🇳 hope like it there at least you have peace mi love mi yard but mi cant deal with the violence so bless you self eat lots of oranges and lime and be careful of malaria

  6. My sistah Queen Jodi was ill….thats it the body is allowed to carry out illness at some point in life…..people leave this nasty COVID out of ya mouths about my Gambian home 🇬🇲 its not there

  7. Feed of chicken soup with Pumkin. Noodles and Blackpepper. Blowout both virus and cold. I am recovering here myself. Thank God it's not Covid-19… The dust will make us sick. Feed on the soup… cook a big pot and a portion each day, even for breakfast. Should be wearing mask in those stores. All the best.

  8. Blessings family 😮😮glad fe see unu & ur out shopping for food too but I've already told u what u should be drinking to help heal the body & yes u do need to cook it's better as u know what ur eating then 💯💯turmeric ginger & cloves with honey is simply the best 💯💯wishing u both a speedy recovery ❤💛💚🖤🌍😍

  9. Get well soon
    Make tea ☕ and drink
    Every time
    5 cups ☕a day or more
    It will clear the coughing
    And Take zink & vitamin D
    Or Black elderberry
    Zink and vitamin C syrup

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