September 28, 2021

24 thoughts on “Finally Moving To Malaysia!!! Goodbye Africa!!!

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with her going to Malaysia .Let her be please.Her going there made me like going there so you see.One man’s meat is another man’ s poison.Let Wode Maya do Africa to the World and miss Trudy do the other continents so that we learn more about the outside African countries.If now someone asks you about Malaysia now can have something to say about it rather than looking stupid when people talk about other countries.You need to be grateful

  2. Bless bless and thank you for notification. Wishing safe and enjoyable journey, wow the flight is longggggg oh my gosh. Exploring while enjoying this amazing planet fantastic. Await wonderful and variety of lovely surroundings. Beautiful 🙌💖💯👌😘💃🤗😇😀🔊🔊☕

  3. What about the "homeland"? Yeah right. Because there isn't any. That's what we (Black Americans) are feed. Haha! As soon as they get the money (or in most cases encouragement) they are outta there. Africa that is. Sorry MT I just had to say it with that title and what I had been thinking for a long time. "Not even Africans want to be in Africa"

  4. Lol who relocates to Malaysia. I don’t care if it’s for studying or what not. Who TF relocates to malaysia🤣😂😂. From frying pan to fire. I’m guessing you only visiting. Stop your click bait childish shits and grow up. You only a baby and an amateur on YouTube. How can you be playing the minds of your subscribers like that. Be careful madam.

  5. Here is a little advice. Miss Trudy, i love what you've done to your channel. However, timing is everything. Right now, Africa is in crisis– South Africa. We need even more positive images to counter the negativity out of African. We need you for the Africa to the world project. You can always take a break or a vacation, but please don't ditch that project right now. I understand if you don't listen to my advice. Atleast, showcase African businesses in Malaysia— restaurants, boutiques, bars, nightclubs etc.. Wish you all the best. God bless.

  6. Miss Trudy congratulations on your arrival to Malaysia. Hope you're enjoying your stay there. I love your videos and I promise to keep watching your videos and adds.

  7. Miss Trudy. I am very disappointed that you moved to Malaysia. I joined your channel because I wanted to learn more about Africa as I am a black man living in America. I have no interest in learning about Malaysia. Please let me know when you move back to Africa, then maybe I will begin watching your videos again. Thanks and I'll miss you.

  8. "Moving" to Malaysia????
    We Malaysian are welcoming others to "come" here to "visit"..
    But to stay, we have bad records for African right here, but my advices are,
    Please respect local cultures, try to adapt with locals, left behind your daily culture lifestyle (if its deviate with locals),
    The most important is, respect local people, do not make noisy if you have neighbours and at public areas which most of African are FAILED to do so, we are not disciminate, but our past experience are too bad…
    :), welcome..

  9. I have subscribed to your Channel and I will watch the advertisements. Came here by way of Wode Maya ( he does very good work and videos)
    I want to stay loyal to you but it's annoying to see how you present your videos..they make you appear was a narcissist. I'm hoping that you're not. I would be able to enjoy your videos more if you showed more of your surroundings instead of your face and body. Just show the video of the things you're talking about while you voice over the video. It would be much more enjoyable and informative. This is not meant to put you down. It is meant as constructive criticism from a diaspora brother. Keep your head up and continue to learn and explore ✊🏿

  10. Girl you’re cute and young just do whatever you want , you don’t have to apologize for your life choice . Enjoy life to the fullest 👊🏼

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