September 25, 2021

40 thoughts on “Financial Assistance For Those Seeking To Repatriate To Africa w/ Sankofa Repatriation Assistance

  1. Check out GhBiz Girl's channel she gives some good ideas for businesses you can start in Ghana. I'm sure it applies to all of the 5 countries in the program.

  2. African needs there brothers and sisters from the United States and the Caribbean to repatriated to Africa and make Africa great again.COME HOME FAMILY LET'S MAKE AFRICA GREAT AGAIN.

  3. I love the program. I appreciate Sis honesty. We must face reality and establish realistic goals for our people as a collective. This program is an excellent way for us to make the connection happen.

  4. Alot of people are claiming they are ready to go to Africa! But truth be told, unless you have a strategic plan and idea on how you're going to survive, once you hit the continent; you're better off being patient and remaining in the West for the time being.

  5. If I get 100k assistance, 5 ppl. would get free unlimited accommodations, feeding and training in Nigeria.
    I love AA'S. Prince chief adewale kabiyesi oh!

  6. This sounds good however even though i believe i would qualify for something like this…im going to fund my own repatriation and business goals… So i can have true creative freedom and expression

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