September 22, 2021

21 thoughts on “Finding a Job in New Zealand Moving from South Africa to New Zealand

  1. Immigration is not for "sissies" (@12.41)??? what are you talking about? Sorry bud but thats just offensive, So are you saying Gay, Trans, Bisexual and Intersex people can't apply? Aren't they persecuted enough with derogatory terms as such? As much as I like your blog mate I personally don't tolerate such (label) Language. We are a diverse nation and except everyone and anyone despite their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Wasn't inequality one of the reasons you fled your country? I know you got a good level on your head and keep at it mate. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not judging I’m just saying! Be kind! You're better than that I know. Ka Kite Ano

  2. i am planning on a 4 year plan. currently i doing engineering degree in electrical at university of johannesburg that is expensive. i have diploma in electrical which is not enough if wanted to move oversea

  3. I am a 23 year old Graduate with a BBA degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with only an internship under my belt. Can I make it in NZ as a black South African?

  4. Hi Edward not sure what visa you targeting, we found looking for work in the country first and finding a job worked best for us.My wife got a job at a accredited employer and this means with the job offer she qualified for a talent visa. Each person has a different story based on their career profile, I am unfortunately not a immigrations agent so wont be able to help at all with the details of you specific case.Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed the content be sure to subscribe

  5. Really great video as real as it can get just a quick couple of questions if you don't mind anyways I'm from the United Kingdom currently living in the United States, I've checked my points based on my age qualifications etc and I get 120 but just wondering what to do I'm assuming you have to apply for your visa first then start applying for work once that's been finalised?

  6. Howzit man. Really enjoying your vids. We'll be in Wellington in the next couple of weeks so the way that you share your own experiences are great to put me at ease. Found many UK and USA vloggers, but not the same… I appreciate your accent more! Thanks bro, God bless.

  7. Hallo Meneer Els, ons het ook vandag op Takapuna beach gestaan en die son, see en saligheid geniet. Gedink ons sou julle daar sien, die weer was mooi! 🙂 Is nou al 7 jaar hier in NZ en die eerste 2 jaar was taai gewees, maar nou is ons nie een dag spyt oor die move nie. Welkom tuis.

  8. hey man. thanks for the vids.
    just a word of advice.
    i studied my diploma in mech. engineering.
    worked two years in hydraulics as jnr sales engineer/glorified salesman
    and two years in the food packaging running a small factory with two machines lamonation and slitting.
    currently unemployed taking care of my son and the fiance is still at the food packaging company as a sales manager/ key account sales person.
    doing packaging for pick n pay and such.

    i want to try apply for a job in NZ from here as soon as possible. apply myself via seek job app or whatever means possible
    and hopefully the company helps with costs of visas at least
    and i can start working as soon as i arrive.
    even if i must stay really budget for a month until payday and then prepare the way as your wife did. (which also has its negatives of leaving my family behind. so i would want them coming the very next month. )

    the wife wants to carry on here another year and a half or more and try to save up 1mil Rand in our account.
    to be safe for when we leave south africa
    .and she wants to use an immagration agent to sort all paperwork and jobs and warra warra.
    we have 1 son of 2 years old and dont plan for anymore kids. her job payed double mine and my pay was the same as a full time au pair.. nursery school full day isnt an option.. right now we dont have a heap of money in our accouts.. so it will have to be a clever and frugal move to make it possible..
    possible advice?
    thanks in advance and thanks again for the videos.. you know what its like the move. the two countries.. i am not the enemy.. i had v○kol to do with politics beside my vote which never meant anything.. yet i am seen as the enemy.. so tired man.. coming from the east rand.. gun shot city.. my hip hurts from conceal carry all day.. my uncle was murdered(shot in sleep)
    my cousins husband axed in the back of the neck… no justice was served for either family…. what must i do man..

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