September 21, 2023
Former FBI Special Agent Rips the Bureau | Jim DiOrio

50 thoughts on “Former FBI Special Agent Rips the Bureau | Jim DiOrio

  1. Funny how this dude is talking shit on Chris Christie when he looks like his twin brother lol I’m sorry his hair fell off
    Back in 98-ish I was an affected worker! Still is a fucking washed up Has been! Talking about he had a good time and that a lot of people worked with or liked him?!! who the The fucked upfuck is vouched for him like 😮I said in my last three posts lol this dude needs to get some hair plugs and a shirt that fits lol. Maybe if you stop drinking beer and eating other dudes dicks he’d Still be relevant lol go back to Hoboken

  2. Honestly I like your podcast and you have a lot of diverse and interesting content but dudes like this are a waste of everybody’s time lol they’re a dime a dozen tell him to go back to Conshohocken with the rest of his fucking buddies in retire and shutters fat face

  3. Both Jim and Andrew are a class act. These are good men. Even though I feel they are a little misguided on something's it's not intenional. They are devoted to duty and seem to have our best interest at heart as much as they can. My only negative is they are loyal to the FBI or CIA first and the American people last. I don't know if thats good or bad.

  4. @KONCRETE Only recently found your channel and am going back through older ones. Any chance at some point you can score an interview with a former FBI counterintelligence agent? Jim is good, but you can tell he was focused on criminal work rather than espionage. His knowledge of the subject is dated and somewhat incorrect.

  5. FBI= School boys with guns. No investigative experience outside of the classroom. And we wonder why 911 happened. They failed us then because they were too busy bothering law abiding U.S. citizens. Underpaid and overrated

  6. Both the fbi and the cia have become political enforcers for the DNC. Both cooperate with the traitors in the deep state and the dems and both need to go away. Ever since the cia joined with the mafia to kill president Kennedy our justice dept. is totally in league with the deep state in an effort to destroy the U.S.

  7. So the wings didn't snap off before it went into the Pentagon? And you saw a plane flyover and you was on the boat why did that planes wing go through a building on the way to hit the tower? The wing would have been on the outer side of the building if it wasn't some form of CGI or something?

  8. How badly did his tech companies not colluding with the bureau age? He was having a hard time biting on that one he said. Well many of us knew it was happening then & now we know it as a fact. He didn't know the bureau was working with the tech companies to suppress enemies of the state & to push disinformation. He's not worthy of running the bureau. Seems like a nice guy, but naive.

  9. The only reason she survived was because she already was living deep in the Amazon with her biologist parents. I think if she hadn’t had so much experience living out there then she probably wouldn’t have made it in the following week plus walking in the bush with some pretty bad injuries. Werner Herzog made a documentary about it where she revisited the site and there was still debris from the plane in the jungle that’s shown in the film. Can’t remember the title though.

  10. This man should know 9/11 was an inside job. I do not trust the FBI or the CIA. They are being used against Americans. When McCain (the traitor) is being shown partying with his "ISIS" recruits and that is not considered a crime while my poor 78 year old neighbor sending ten thousand dollars to her sick brother to help with medical bills earned her an immediate visit from the FBI, that is called tyranny. Yeah, I know, they are keeping an eye on people possibly sending money to "terrorists" that our own government created so they impose more control measures on us, not the so called terrorists.

  11. Read Inner tennis, inner skiing to help with your golf. The flight off the coast was shot down by a surface to air missile. There was a stripe of green paint transferred to the carpet.


  12. Here is the thing. When your legal counsel that you higher to represent you lies about how many classified documents in totality that were taken, lie about where they are kept, lie about them being secured and security footage of your own resort shows you or your staff directing workers to move boxes with classified documents to attempt to hide them somewhere else… Well you are a criminal. He has reached out for foreign intervention in elections twice that we know of, by passes fbi vetting for security clearances he gives his family who have no experience or expertise to offer governance domestically and international affairs. You invited Russian state television to the oval office and gave the embassador a tour and had a one on one chat with him and no transcribers or other witnesses who also happened to be a former KGB intelligence agent of the Soviet Union. Constantly attempt to hurt ties with allies while writing love notes to Kim in N Korea and also giving him free propaganda while getting not one thing in return and also saying he trusts valdimir Putin over his own American intelligence agencies and doesn't see why an enemy of the United States would lie about interfering in the 2016 election. Yeah fuck him and his passports. Spilled milk compared to what should have happened to him.

  13. This fucking dumb ass is the reason the FBI treat it's citizens like foreign terrorists. I am fucking sick and tired of 9/11 being used as an excuse to fuck up our own citizens.

  14. Sent information about the 911 Terrorists, they were in Santa Monica between 90 to 95 trying to take flight classes. They had a handler, an older man that looked like Omar Shereiff….not one FBI agent contacted me and as of today the official story is bull.

  15. You know if I had had a Commanding Officer like that I might not have been abused by folks in my first unit they way that I was…
    Unfortunately, shit like that happens, and a lot of the time it's either swept under the rug or completely disregarded altogether…

    Lol aren't they across the table from ea other?
    I just want to know.

    Some podcasts, people don't wear them, many other podcast I see people wearing them.

    Seems kind of like talking on the phone with someone next to you on the same couch.

    Curious. Curious. 😏

  17. Great interview. Loved it. Respect. Just no chance Trumps family orchestrated that raid in his Mara Lago home. It was the deep state cucks that orchestrate all the nonsense like 9/11 – Covid- mass shootings. The people that profit off chaos and power vacuum’s.

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