September 22, 2023
Formula One Driver Shames Colleagues For Their Silence On Black Lives Matter

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43 thoughts on “Formula One Driver Shames Colleagues For Their Silence On Black Lives Matter

  1. Fot those of you who wonder why F1 is so white, it's cause F1 is rich man's game. It's not just about race, but also money. Almost all F1 drivers grew up in well off family bcs the road to F1 is crazy expensive.

  2. The stupidity of the American nation is obvious! You are confusing to Russia, to Ukraine, and you cannot solve a neo-Marxist racist organization directed against the majority white race. (BlackLivesMatter).

  3. Its been clear from the start that BLM is a Marxist political movement. It literally does nothing for black people other than scam for donations. But old Hamilton simply couldn't resist the attention. He dropped to his knee like all the other gullible clowns, many of whom could not be bothered to research BLM's web site. Many people support BLM simply on the basis of the title. Hahahahaha. I mean you have to laugh at the stupidity of the so called progressives.

  4. Funny how Lewis Hamilton and LeBron James have nothing to say about Uyghur Muslim people in Western China and the treatment they recieve by the Chinese Government (Those people are held in camps).Reason for their silence is obvious – MONEY. NBA has big contract with chinese TV Companies and F1 has race held in China.
    So, obviously, it's easy to talk about civil rights when it's lucrative and financially safe to do.

  5. "The first black driver in the history of the sport" are you a moron? A simple google search can tell you that he is not the first black driver. Not only are your politics stupid, but your writing is too.

  6. Everyone that thinks blm is political are fucking dumbasses, like you are the ones needs to educate your so called perfect selves. The reality is black culture is everywhere, if you don't understand that, you to go back to school. I stand with lewis hamilton, and it is very clear difference between politics and a movement. A movement is trying to push something into the light and Politics is corrupt. BLM is very much movement. If anybody has problem with this, fuck yall and keep believe it is not real, when Yall know it is.


  8. Thats Wasn't Silencing Lewis, F1 doesn't indulge in Political Matters Because it is Privately Held & owned Motorsports organization. F1 Messing with Politics could end up taking Toll from governments of many countries. Thats not good

  9. Lol this didnt age well , the blatant hypocrisy of all these celebrities . Blm organization stole over 200 million from people , not one dollar went to any black person . They bought mansions , evaded taxes , gave themselves bonuses , now all in hiding . Where'a all these dumb celebrities speaking how in Chicago , thousands of black lives are taken , oh yeah it doesnt fit their narratives . Go take a hike all of them .

  10. Imagine using words like ? Dominated by whites ? Only imbeciles would use such terms " whites" as if people with white skin are in some way a monolithic group ? There is a real jealousy that emanates from these race baiters, a real jealousy against people who happen to have white skin.

  11. Ok but let's not pretend that black athletes are beating down the door of F1. Every race of people have certain sports that they are and are not interested in. As a whole, you will not find many black athletes or families or anyone in the black community interested in auto racing, and the majority of black people that I know who are into cars and racing love drag racing and show very little interest in NASCAR or Indy or F1. The majority of black people are more interested in athletic sports like football, baseball and basketball….. especially basketball. This has very little to do with racism and more to do with culture. Even after Hamilton you see very few black F1 fans and families going to F1 races, which directly affects young black kids and athletes becoming interested in racing or F1. A young athlete, regardless of skin color, is 95% more likely to become interested in a sport that their father and older brothers and uncles and other members of their family were interested in or played. Even in go-kart racing you will see very few black kids or black families getting involved, even though the sport has become very inclusive. All of these are facts and this is coming from a black man, not that it should matter, but the truth is the truth. I am half black with my mom being black and my dad white, so in my family reunions it's a perfect mixture of white and black and overwhelmingly all of the people within my family interested in racing are on the White side and the black side is more into athletic sports and it's this way with black families and people all over the world.

  12. I'm sorry to burst your bubbles, but did you know Black people slaves Black and white people for thousands of years? Way before the whites did it, Did you also know that rich black people groups sold black slaves to the white in 1800s. Also, did you know that Black people still slave and murder, and torture black people and children right now in Africa? no different than it was 1000 years ago. The black lives matter was a flop and failed badly, they were rioting, looting, burning on the street, and burning people's businesses down. they didn't care about black people in Africa either. Did you know that the founder of BLM took all the funding money and ran away? No wonder why BLM is an embarrassing and failed movement,, So YES, BLM is a dumbass and you are a dumbass too. Get educated and start to learn the history book again, Not everything is about Black people you know, you hypocrite and racist.

  13. He's wearing a BLM top I guess he not read the news that BLM are being sued for ripping of millions of dollars from fund donations spending it on lavish items like cars houses etc. Also head of BLM states she's a markist that want to overthrow the government with anarchy .

  14. 2:30 it wasn't an attempt to silence Hamilton, it was an attempt to only have relevant F1-orientated information … you know … the stuff we actually watch?

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