September 22, 2023


  1. That picture which you depict as the Christ is idolatry. You throw around this term that others have a white washed version of Christianity but you accept the Tewahedo Church. The pictures of Jesus in the Ethiopian Church are all white. So you are a complete hypocrite. The Ethiopians believe in everything that you try to condemn yet you say the Tewahedo Church is the truth. The Ethiopians accept the Roman ecumenical councils yet you say Bun Di Pope. How does that make sense?

  2. The idea that African Americans are Judah, the Jamaicans are Benjamites etc; is completely absurd. God is not a shallow racist who picks his people based upon what country they was born in. It said that you can only please God through faith (Heb 11:6); not race or nationality. You teach the same backwards principles which enslaved us in the first place. The Bible said that the Israelites are those who keep the covenant of God and his ordinances (Rom 9:4)

  3. ISRAELITES, ARE FALSE? The Most High said Jacob I loved & Esau I hated!! Bible is all about Israelites! Who is The Most High's People? All human life comes out of Afrika! We became enslaved due to sinning, Deut. 28, explains what will happen. Bible has to validate itself, meaning reveal prophecies. Who became Bondsmen & Women by way of ships? Gods people did, who? God punishes his children, why we have no Nationality or Nation to assist us in tribulation periods, seperate! Bywords…..

  4. Israelites are not false, the way they interpret Israelites is false. It is said for they are not all Israel, who are of Israel (Rom 9:4-8). The seed, those who are of the promise, have been blessed by the Lord based upon their service to God and keeping of the ordinances; not based upon their flesh or what country they was born in. That is what the scripture said and that is the only way it could make sense. God does not choose his people based upon nationality, that would make him a racist

  5. Don't know bout that one my brethren, The Most High may choose whomever he feels is righteous & would represent his will. Israel he chose due to few in #'s! Nationality is everything, Esau despised his & lost it! All black people ain't black in heart & spirit be whitey in disguise! Besides what other reason will the FBI say "NO BLACK MESSIAH", J. E. Hoover edict to CoIntel Pro! Racism is systematically disabling different parties from self determination, The Most High doesn't do that!

  6. Then I would ask, what's a heathen? Other Nations, that live not like Israel! The Most High told Israel not to follow after their ways, they need to follow Israel. Why else do people follow / copy the Negro in the U.S., Deut. 28:1-68? The Most High gave us purpose of teaching the world how to worship / serve The Most High, who created YT the end the world, I would argue, look at YT history, from Caucus Mtns. to wiping out Indians today! YT is the youngest nationality in power today, Wicked too!

  7. Nationality is everything to men like Hoover. God on the other hand looks at all human beings as being the same no matter what race or country they was born in. His Majesty gave plenty of speeches where he said that all human beings are exactly the same despite their race or nationality. So what we must do is accept what Haile Selassie said which is also the same thing the Bible said. Or stay stuck on these shallow concepts of race and nationality. Esau are those who deny the truth

  8. Greetings my name is Elijah fittrawi and I know of one that gose by the name of abba Quiddus if you do not know who he is then you must seek,when you seek then you shall find,and when you find then you will be greatful for the treasure inwitch you worked so hard to find.then and only then will you be able to apresiate its value. selase I lives and his name is abba Quiddus he live in entutu mountain in Ethiopia yes man its true he still lives in a palice they lied to you all and many people beleaved the lie

  9. repartreation unto Africa is a must rasta I an I man know she jah live iyah. don't let them fool you with dem propaganda ah lie dem ah tell rasta abba Quiddus is his name an remember that I told you that jah lives lol at Babylon…. truth inna dem rass

  10. fire burn all false doctrine the doctrine of the fallen angels fire burn dem thing de iyah fire burn pope paul ,and all ah dem wicked intentions to ditroy the children of the most high.

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