May 25, 2022

34 thoughts on “Fox News Media has Just Come to Africa and We are in Big Trouble

  1. It worked before; this sneaking into the continent through religion , but that was a looonng time when our ancestors could not make out the sinister moves…Well now it shall be different. They has only started establishing…Yes, we should start our own Pan -African TV/ Radio media channels . In fact, we are late… not yet sorry though.

  2. The truth is, the pieces of shit leaders in Africa continue to work for themselves. African leaders have been stooges for Europeans since the 1400’s. That continues today, with or without Fix news Africa is ruled by Europe. You’d be better off talking about the complicity of African oligarchs!

  3. Don’t think twice kick them out immediately because we only live once and they are determined to make our live miserable so again don’t think twice . Just go after them !!!!!!

  4. Africa beautiful ❤️ the richest country in the world. It's Soo sad the world stole from Africa. To put them an a weak condition. But AFRRICa is coming back because we are the black AFRRICan CREATOR period

  5. Fox news coming to Africa is a good thing. All american news outlets are very biased both in the US and towards Africa. CNN and FOX are on opposite sides of the spectrum. To be able to decide what is true and real, listen to both sides and then draw your own conclusions. They are all misinformed and opinionated.
    You should be happy that finally Africans get to hear both sides of American thinking and be able to see the truth about how Americans see us.

  6. Kick them out. Why would the people of sovereign countries allow their leaders to make such decisions that will destroy their country, culture and people. Black skin folks and brown people will always be behind in this world due to these poor decisions made by their leaders and the citizens of their country keep tolerating it.

  7. 🎧 to you at the beginning,I was just about to just scroll down, when you say 🦊 news, are .. I pause and kept l 👂. Those arrogant neck, invading our media's means, the cunning 🦊 will take your jobs, and we loves more 🦊🦊🦊🦊 thrash, than ours, and because they've more material and financial, they will truly come in and bribes our government, and people. Glad you're telling it to all Africans, I wonder how many of us, do understand??

  8. Fox News has a few Black streaming channels, targeted towards African Americans in the United States. Mainly Fox Soul. African Americans do not watch these channels. I guess they will try to trick other Africas into watching.

  9. The fact that there's no Africans here calling this guy out for blatant misinformation is scary. He says they're blatantly racist but provides no evidence of said racism.

    He says cause they support the Republican party they are racist but did you guys know that's the party of Lincoln? Did you know he freed the slaves in the USA? Did you know Republicans fought the Democrats in parliament and in actively war to ensure slaves were freed. Did you know Democrats voted against freeing slaves? Did you know democrats enacted Jim Crow laws that stood on the necks of black people for a century? Did you know democrats and the CNNs that support them are the actual racists.

    I used to believe Fox was racist until I watched it for myself. Do not take my word, or Mushi's word for it. Put emotion aside and watch it for yourself.

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