September 22, 2023
Free Your Mind 5 - COINTELPRO

discusses COINTELPRO at the Free Your Mind Conference in 2017.

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14 thoughts on “Free Your Mind 5 – COINTELPRO

  1. does anyone else feel like this is a publicity campaign. anyone that knows much about adam knows that he was arrested and was in jail and likes to smoke pot. felons cant legally own fire arms. so, was he traveling in a rv with paper plates with pot and a gun. does everyone know he quit youtube and he rarely posted here but now there is constant posting but no clearing of the air.i found adam when my eyes were opened to the world i live in. the one thing i learned is question everything.

  2. I consider cointelpro one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to liberty movements and or any groups/issues that entails informing/waking people up. It's an extremely important topic that needs to be educated within those circles. It is a bit of a catch 22 because it causes skepticism within those groups, but that's the unfortunate reality of it. It becomes very challenging because then you have both extremes of tolerance vs intolerance within the group, which is exacerbated by agents pushing on both sides of that spectrum. This makes it very difficult to maintain harmony within the group. The best a group can do is to be as educated as possible on this subject. It's not some distant project of the past, it's going on more now than ever.

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