May 22, 2022

32 thoughts on “French Military Finally Leaving Africa, More African Govts Legalise Weed, Rwanda Burundi Now Friends

  1. All of Africa should legalize cannabis. Now when it comes to the French, West Africa should best keep them out and away. And prevent those Europeans from interfering or even subverting the local governments any further.

  2. What France soldiers are doing in Africa in fact let they go back where ever they coming from is better for them because they are following Africa for there own benefit that’s why let they go back to France 🇫🇷 aaaaaaa

  3. The God of Abraham has set Africa/Abraham free from Her Oppressors.

    She is free as Abraham…
    She is still a slave as Africa.

    She is the Mother Hen that needs to force the chicks to start fending for themselves.

    Cut the umbilical cord to the World and be free.

    Take care of each other as One Nation of Abraham.

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